Online Fundraising Software

What is Online Fundraising Software?

Online fundraising software, also known as online donation software, is designed to help organizations get the most out of their virtual fundraising efforts. The software streamlines a variety of fundraising strategies to help make donating to your cause easy.

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How Can Nonprofits Use Online Fundraising Software?

Depending on the package you choose, you can streamline donation pages, recurring giving options, automated donation receipts, peer-to-peer giving efforts, and more.

It would be inefficient, both in terms of time and energy, for your employees to individually launch several different types of fundraising campaigns, write tailored emails to donors, and send timely donation receipts. Fundraising software manages these tasks behind the scenes, allowing your employees to dedicate their time and energy to other parts of the organization.

Online fundraising software solutions save you from missing fundraising opportunities and simultaneously helps you build a professional reputation in the donor’s eyes. Tailored campaigns, communications, and follow-through provided through your nonprofit fundraising software will make the donor’s experience seamless, potentially equating to more dollars earned in the future.

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What Features Should I Look For In Online Fundraising Software?

Every nonprofit will have their own specific needs when it comes to their online fundraising features. It’s important to know what your organization’s needs are so you can effectively evaluate which solution will work best for you. Here are some popular features to consider when evaluating solutions:

Donation Pages

A donation page is a landing page where your donors can submit their donations online.

Donation Buttons

A donation button is a call-to-action on your website that you can use to send donors to your donation page or dedicated donation landing page. You can typically create donation buttons with your online fundraising platform and integrate it with your website.

Some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also include the ability to add donation buttons to your social media pages.

Donation Form

A donation form can either be on your donation page or embedded on your website when users click your donation button. You donation form will include fields like donation amount, donor information, the payment details, the option to make the gift recurring, and the option for the donor to cover processing fees.

Event Ticketing & Registration

An event registration tool gives you the ability to create in-person or virtual events that your supporters can register and collect tickets for. This often includes an event landing page, ticket purchasing forms, and event reports.

Recurring Giving

Recurring giving allows your donors to set up regular donations to your organization. Often you can include this option on your donation form or plan to create a fundraising campaign around monthly giving.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising allows you to launch campaigns where your supporters fundraise on your organization’s behalf.


Popularized by the fundraising software GoFundMe, crowdfunding gives your supporters to ability to initiate their own fundraising campaigns for your organization. While GoFundMe was created for individual crowdfunding efforts, you can leverage crowdfunding for your nonprofit, as well.

Nonprofit crowdfunding often happens on social networking platforms like Facebook, but we recommend checking to see if your online fundraising platform includes a crowdfunding feature.

Wealth Screening

Wealth screening uses public data to give you insights into the giving capacity of your contacts and donors. This can help you identify donors that might be a good fit for a gift matching campaign or a major gift.


Pledges allow you to track your donors’ commitments to give to your organization.


Text-to-give allows you to collect donations or pledges by text, and it’s an important feature for mobile fundraising.

Payment Processing

Payment processing gives you the ability to collect online donations by credit card or ACH payment.

Donor Accounts

Donor accounts allow donors to view their giving history, recurring donations, tax receipts, event registrations, and more.


Auction tools allow you to organize an online or in-person auction.


Integrations allow you connect your online fundraising tools to your other nonprofit software so you have a seamless online fundraising ecosystem.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports give you the ability to see actionable insights on all your online fundraising data.

If you’re looking for online fundraising solutions, we recommend checking out the best online fundraising platforms with our favorite features, a pricing breakdown, and more.

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Bottom Line

Leave the behind-the-scenes fundraising processes to online fundraising software platforms while still providing donors with a personalized experience from first contact to donation receipt and thank you email.