Online Fundraising Software

What is Online Fundraising Software?

Online fundraising software is designed to help organizations get the most out of their fundraising efforts. The software streamlines a variety of fundraising strategies to help make donating to your cause easy.

How Can Nonprofit Organizations Use Online Fundraising Software?

Depending on the online fundraising software package you choose, you can streamline donation pages, recurring giving options, automated donation receipts, peer-to-peer giving efforts, and more.

Fundraising software enables:

  1. Smoother communication with donors through automatic receipts and personalized emails
  2. Efficient targeting through tailored email marketing strategies
  3. Integration with your organization’s other platforms, including accounting tools

How Does It Save Nonprofits Time?

It would be inefficient, both in terms of time and energy, for your employees to individually launch several different types of fundraising campaigns, write tailored emails to donors, and send timely donation receipts. Online fundraising software manages these tasks behind the scenes, allowing your employees to dedicate their time and energy to other parts of the organization.

Online fundraising software saves you from missing fundraising opportunities and simultaneously helps you build a professional reputation in the donor’s eyes. Tailored campaigns, communications, and follow-through provided through online fundraising software will make the donor’s experience seamless, potentially equating to more dollars earned in the future.

Bottom Line

Leave the behind-the-scenes fundraising processes to online fundraising software platforms while still providing donors with a personalized experience from first contact to donation receipt and thank you email.