What Is Text-To-Give?

Text-to-Give is a type of campaign that allows people to donate money to your organization from their cell phone via text message.

How Does Text-To-Give Work?

You will have to register with a text-to-give software platform, like Kindful, to get started. Once registered, the platform will provide you with a specific text-to-give phone number for you to use to engage with your donor base.

Donors can either text a specific dollar amount (such as $10) or a short code (for example “REDCROSS”) to your number.

Next, your donors will receive a link to their phone to confirm their donation amount and provide their credit card information. In the future, if a donor wants to contribute more to your organization, they can simply text “donate” and the donation will be confirmed with the information they already provided.

Why Does It Matter For Nonprofit Organizations?

It cuts down on time. Text-to-give campaigns are a no-brainer because many givers now have mobile devices. This campaign makes it easy for people to donate to your organization because they won’t have to sit at a computer and visit your donation page. Instead, they can text one word or a dollar amount and donate quickly, usually in minutes.

It can integrate with your existing fundraising efforts. Your unique text-to-give number can also be linked to your organization’s website, sending donors to your existing donation page.

It serves multiple purposes. You can use text-to-give to raise money for your organization, but you can also collect useful data about donors, including their names and email addresses, to use for future engagement efforts.

How To Get Started

Before you can start using text-to-give to receive donations, you’ll have to use a platform that supports the service, like Kindful.

For Kindful users, implementing a text-to-give campaign is simple. You decide your keyword and then create your response message. You can have more than one keyword, if you’d like.

When prompting people to donate, you give them your text-To-give phone number (a standard, 10-digit phone number, like your mobile phone number).

You would then ask them to send a message to your number using your keyword. They would receive the message you created (a general update, a link to a donate page, information about a new fundraising event, etc.) and then follow the prompt to interact with your organization.

This makes giving as easy as sending a text.

Bottom Line

Text-to-give campaigns make it easy for you to meet donors where they are—on their cell phones—and raise money in minutes via text message.