Wealth Screening

What Is Wealth Screening?

Wealth screening is a way that organizations assess their donors’ assets to learn how much they can give, which informs how much your organization should request when making an ask.

How Do Nonprofits Use Wealth Screening?

Nonprofits use wealth screenings to gain detailed information about donors’ assets. Wealth screenings can highlight which donors might be open to gift matching or matching a certain amount raised for the organization.

Why It Matters

Wealth screening tools draw from past information, like previous giving, and current assets to determine a donor’s wealth potential. This helps nonprofits hone in on which clients can be targeted to upgrade their current donation or match funds raised during a campaign period.

Wealth screenings help identify which donors are most likely to give based on their assets, which allows nonprofits to focus their efforts on a specific group of donors rather than expending time and energy cultivating donors that are unlikely to give a lot or at all.

Wealth Screening In Action

Kindful’s Wealth Insights Tool lets you access your donor’s giving history, wealth details, and likelihood to give all in one place. It offers you a meaningful and easy way to understand wealth data, sets you up to prospect with confidence, and gives you data you can trust. The best part is that Kindful automatically screens new contacts when you upload them into Kindful.

Bottom Line

Gaining insights on a donor’s assets reduces time spent cultivating less promising targets and provides valuable information, including how much a donor might be able to give to an organization.

Looking to use wealth screening for your nonprofit organization? Learn more about Kindful’s Wealth Insights tool.