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Bug Fixes

Q3 2021 Complete

Bug fixes to reporting engine in Kindful.

Giving Tuesday Performance Improvements

Q3 2021 Complete

Performance improvements to prepare for Giving Tuesday donation and usage volume.

New Transactions Page

Q3 2021 Complete

Added a specific page to view transactions to make them more accessible.


Updated Kindful Payments to Bloomerang Payments

Q2 2021 Complete

We launched updates to the Kindful branding and payment processing functionality. You’ll now see our updated logo in the app and “Kindful Payments” has been renamed to “Bloomerang Payments.”

With this project we’ve also:

Made a Bloomerang Payments “marketing” language update

Updated the statement descriptor for Kindful Payments transactions

Updated the Kindful Payments terms and conditions to our Bloomerang Payments name change

Removed the Kindful Payments logo

Updated the batch deposit report with a smaller logo

Updated the customer sign up flow logo

Updated the Kindful top navigation logo to our new logo

Weekly bug fixes and updates for Stripe payment processing and recurring donations

Q2 2021 Complete

Completed a bug fix for our Payment Migration tool that did not handle the Stripe Payment Method data type
Removed postal code requirement from the Stripe iFrame in cases when we already collect it
Completed a bug fix so that recurring transactions cannot be marked anonymous on crowdfunding

Weekly bug fixes for QuickBooks Online

Q2 2021 Complete

Removed the QuickBooks Online functionality which flipped sync to import only on certain errors
Updated QuickBooks Online classes so they’re not pulled in as campaigns, and created a missing QBD Integrations Payment Method

Weekly bug fixes for donation pages, Classy, and more

Q1 2021 Complete

Added authorization text to donation checkout pages, donation plugin, and event pages
Resolved image cropping feature on donation page
Resolved issues with Classy address and name data

Weekly bug fixes for PayPal, Mailchimp, Zapier, and contacts

Q1 2021 Complete

PayPal online transaction now automatically mapping for QuickBooks Online
Corrected issue where updates from opted-out contacts were pushed to Mailchimp
Resolved PayPal transaction duplication when the same IPN is sent more than once
Contact bulk archive now correctly attributes to admin user who initiated it
Resolved Zapier integration throwing out error that’s hard to parse for user

Weekly bug fixes for tax summaries, Classy, Zapier, and more

Q1 2021 Complete

Successful transactions no longer showing as declined due to Stripe API lock
$0 non-tax deductible amount no longer interrupting CRA tax summaries
Classy integration will now take in consideration missing supporter, member, and billing names
Zapier integration will now handle long decimals in transaction amounts
Imports will no longer be stalled if contact id is left blank

QuickBooks integration enhancements

Q2 2021 Complete

The latest QuickBooks integration enhancement will make it easier for Kindful users to see the sync status of their integration.

Expanded currency capability

Q2 2021 Complete

Soon, Kindful will offer even more support for organizations collecting donations outside of the United States.

Automatic contact merge

Q2 2021 Complete

The new automatic contact merge feature will make it easier for organizations to find and eliminate duplicate contacts.

Report usability

Q2 2021 Complete

While one of the most robust areas of Kindful’s platform, reporting and filtering is also a place customers rely on to get accurate, up-to-date information to inform their fundraising efforts.

Tax summary workflow and customization updates

Q1 2021 Complete

Kindful’s tax summary updates included an improved layout and workflow, email and mailing functionality for customers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, full support for Australia’s tax year, and more customization options for tax summary emails.

Tax summary support for Canadian and Australian customers

Q1 2021 Complete

The tax summary tool now offers full compliant email and mailing functionality for customers in Canada and Australia. Canadian customers can email year-end tax summaries on-demand. The tax summary feature now supports the Australian tax year.

New Kindful BCC feature syncs emails with contact records

Q4 2020 Complete

The Kindful BCC feature allows users to automatically import emails to contact records. This will allow Kindful users to keep track of all personal emails to their supporters, providing more thorough communication history and better relationship management. Learn more about Kindful BCC

Increased visibility for recurring giving options

Q4 2020 Complete

Recurring giving options are now more visible for donors on donation forms, making it easy to convert one-time givers to recurring givers. Read more about Kindful’s donation page updates

Customizable branding and titles for donation pages

Q4 2020 Complete

With new customization options, Kindful users can change the color and page titles of their donation pages to align with their organization’s branding and messaging. Read more about Kindful’s donation page updates

Preselect the donor-covered transaction fee option

Q4 2020 Complete

Kindful users can preselect the option for donors to cover transaction processing fees. Read more about Kindful’s donation page updates

Collect donations using Apple Pay and other express payment options

Q4 2020 Complete

Kindful Payments now allows donors to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay to make their donations. This provides donors with more options for secure and easy giving. Read more about Kindful’s express payment options

Collect donations using ACH

Q4 2020 Complete

Using Kindful Payments or, you can now give donors the ability to donation using ACH. Learn more about using ACH with Kindful

Archive events with the event registration tool

Q3 2020 Complete

Users can now hide event registration pages, delete an event, and remove older past events with Kindful’s event registration feature. Here’s how to archive an event

Hide/show ticket types on event registration pages

Q3 2020 Complete

With Kindful’s event registration tool, you can hide or unhide ticket types to accommodate for errors or offer special ticket types for time-limited or quantity-limited tickets. Here’s how to hide and unhide tickets

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