Nonprofit Payment Processing

What Is Nonprofit Payment Processing?

Nonprofit payment processing is the processing of donors’ financial information whenever they make an online transaction with a nonprofit organization.

Any nonprofit that uses online fundraising will need to have a payment processor to collect donations online. For small to midsize nonprofits, online donations make up between 7.8% and 13.4% of total fundraising, so it’s important to give supporters a way to make their contributions online.

Nonprofits also use payment processing for other online purchases, like merchandise sales, event registration, and membership fees.

Online payment systems work with donor management systems to capture donors’ payment information and collect payments. Nonprofits use online payment systems to securely accept payments online.

What Are The Best Payment Processors To Collect Donations?


PayPal is one of the most well-known and highly-trusted names in online payment processing. Connect PayPal to your donor management system to seamlessly collect and store donors’ sensitive payment data.

Kindful + PayPal


Users love Stripe for its secure, easy-to-use platform. Stripe can process payments from anywhere in the world and offers users the ability to access the app both online and on mobile devices.

Kindful + Stripe


Authorize.Net can process payments from anywhere, at any time. They specialize in fraud detection and take extra measures to ensure the safety and security of their users.

Kindful + Authorize.Net


Square is the market leader in mobile payments. Square provides users with a quick, easy, and safe payment process.

Kindful + Square

Kindful Payments

Kindful Payments is Kindful’s own built-in payment processing system. Kindful Payments processes and stores donor payment data directly within Kindful, keeping all of your important donor information in one convenient location.

Bottom Line

Nonprofit payment processing is an essential part of any nonprofit organization. Providing donors with a secure, easy-to-use payment system will ensure their donation experience is a positive one.

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