Refer a friend, get $250!

When you refer a friend in your nonprofit circle to Kindful and they become a new customer, we’ll send you a $250 Amazon gift card, or donate to a nonprofit of your choice.

Yes, we’re serious. $250!

That’s $250 per friend you refer!

Why? It all comes down to trust. People are twice as likely to pay attention to referrals from a friend than they are from other sources. Your recommendation is valuable, which is why we think you should be rewarded for it.

Here’s How it Works

1. You fill out this form as many times as you want.
That’s right – we won’t fault you for being popular. The more people you think could benefit from using our software, the merrier! Reminder: You’ll get $250 per friend who signs up to be a new customer.

2. We’ll reach out to your friends.
A member of our team will share the good news (you referred them) and introduce them to Kindful.

3. Once your referral signs up, you get paid!
Once we welcome your friend into the Kindful family, we’ll send the $250 as an Amazon gift card, or donate to a nonprofit of your choice (yours is eligible)!

That’s it. Easy, right?

Just like managing your donors with Kindful. 😉