These fundraising resources and our compilation of tips and best practices will give you and your team the confidence to raise more, do more, and grow more.

New Donor Acquisition

Fundraising 09/16/21

How To Make Sure Your New Donor Acquisition Investment Pays Off

There is no doubt that you’ve worked hard on new donor acquisition... Read More

legacy giving

Fundraising 08/30/21

5 Ways To Get Started With Legacy Giving

Legacy giving can be intimidating for smaller nonprofits, but even the smallest... Read More

Are Your Board Members Your Most Valuable Constituents? header image

Fundraising 08/17/21

Fire Up Your Board to Embrace Digital Fundraising

As you’ve likely noticed, digital fundraising is changing the way nonprofits are... Read More

online fundraising

Fundraising 07/27/21

Understanding Grassroots Fundraising: Getting Supporters To Give Online

Online fundraising can be daunting, and with the majority of online donors... Read More

fundraising writer

Communication 07/22/21

4 Things Your Fundraising Writer Needs From You In Order To Produce Effective Fundraising Appeals

In order to create the best possible fundraising appeals, you’re going to... Read More

online fundraising

Fundraising 06/15/21

Online Fundraising: How To Start Collecting Donations Online For Your Nonprofit

Although many nonprofits still report receiving more donations offline than online, online... Read More

thank you letter

Communication 06/10/21

How To Write A Thank You Letter For Donations

Writing a thank you letter is a professional courtesy that goes a... Read More

corporate support

Fundraising 06/03/21

How To Get Corporate Support Without “Selling Out”

A lot of nonprofit professionals think businesses have deep pockets. Some do.... Read More

header image for best online fundraising software showing person looking browsing a website

Fundraising 03/16/21

Which Online Fundraising Platform Is Best For Your Nonprofit?

It may be 2021 now, but that doesn’t mean that nonprofits are... Read More

women grants

Fundraising 03/05/21

2021 Funding & Grant Resources For Women’s Empowerment Organizations

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, honoring the countless contributions women have... Read More

2021 fundraising ideas

Fundraising 03/04/21

2021 Fundraising Ideas Designed To Help You Raise More This Year

Choosing a fundraising idea for your nonprofit can be difficult. You need... Read More

Grant Resources

Fundraising 02/15/21

Get Funding For Your Nonprofit By Building This Crucial Relationship

In the grant seeking process, an important factor affecting success is building... Read More