At Bloomerang, our vision is to empower fundraisers to do what they love and build a world inspired by giving. And it all starts with our mission and commitment to you–make fundraising easier, foster authentic donor relationships, and create thriving nonprofits. Because we know that when you have more time and resources to do what you love, you'll be able to create lasting change.

78K+ Nonprofit users

61M Donors managed

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Do more good.

We understand that running a nonprofit involves managing a lot of moving pieces. You're changing the world, and you should be able to rely on partners who are not only experts in their field but who also care about your mission.

We have former fundraisers, board members, consultants, and nonprofit employees on our team – working alongside top-notch, veteran talent from the tech world – to ensure that we deliver both a modern fundraising platform and also exactly what your nonprofit needs. We were built to help you grow.

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The more resources you and your team have, the more time and energy you can put into your mission. Our online fundraising tools enable you to do just that. Simplify your administration tasks when it comes to online donations with our modern, easy-to-build, and easy-to-use fundraising tools.


Time is money.

If you don’t have the right system, managing your donors can be difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. With our solutions, your third-party tools seamlessly integrate with your database, keeping all your information in one place and all your efforts focused on what matters most.

We also know that choosing a new system can be difficult. We have worked with thousands of nonprofits, helping them successfully transition to a new system, save time, and do more good.

Your data tells a story.

It’s simple: When your data makes sense, your mission thrives. It’s the story that should inspire and improve your work, not bog it down in overly complicated and segmented information. That’s why our seamless integrations and intuitive reporting are so powerful. They make your data mean something, guiding you to new and innovative ways to accomplish your goals. Your story matters. Your data matters. Your mission matters.

Built to help good people do good work.


We know there’s no single tool that can handle all of your organization’s needs, so we’ve created an ecosystem with best-in-class technology partners.

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We exist to help nonprofits like yours do more good in the world, and we’re honored to have supported so many wonderful organizations along the way.

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Empower your team with the solutions they need to amplify your fundraising, simplify your donor management, and maximize your impact.

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