Which Crowdfunding & Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Platform Is Best For You?

KindfulMay 01, 2020

Call it crowdfunding or social fundraising—giving your supporters the ability to fundraise for your organization is a time-saving and rewarding fundraising strategy. We know choosing the best platform for your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign can be a daunting process. And though they’re closely related, one fundraising platform might be better suited for a specific type of fundraising campaign.

With that in mind, we wanted to share a list of peer-to-peer fundraising platforms that we think might be a good fit for your nonprofit’s crowdfunding or social fundraising efforts. For each, we’ll include which organizations they’re best for, our favorite feature, images of the software, and a pricing overview.

Before we dive in, we want to clarify a few of the pricing notes below. In this list, you’ll see references to platform fees, processing fees, and monthly fees. Keep these in mind as you review the different peer-to-peer fundraising platforms for your nonprofit. Don’t have the budget for an expensive peer-to-peer fundraising platform? There are plenty of free and affordable software options for your nonprofit to consider too.

  • A platform fee is the price you will pay to use the peer-to-peer platform or fundraising tool.
  • A transaction or processing fee is the price you pay each time your donors use a credit card to submit a donation to you or one of your fundraisers.
  • A monthly or yearly fee is the amount that you will pay at a defined interval of time to access the software. In some cases, you will often pay different monthly prices for access to certain platform features.

With that in mind, here are ten of the best peer-to-peer fundraising platforms and software you should review when looking for the right fit for your nonprofit.

  • Kindful
  • Classy
  • Qgiv
  • Handbid
  • GiveGame
  • CauseVox
  • Bonfire
  • Donately
  • OneCause
  • Facebook
  • GoFundMe Charity
  • Best Peer-To-Peer & Crowdfunding Platforms For Nonprofits

    Software Recommended for Favorite feature Pricing starts at
    Kindful Donor management & CRM Integrations $100/month
    Classy Strong & beautiful Landing pages $299/month
    Qgiv Social media integration Facebook integration $229/month
    Handbid Auctions & events Integrated fundraising tools 3% performance fee
    GiveGame Social fundraising Gameification 10% platform fee
    CauseVox Scalability DIY Fundraising Free
    Bonfire T-shirt fundraising Branded organization profille Free
    Donately Affordable suite Fundraising suite integration 4% platform fee
    OneCause Built-in functionality Social listening $3,600/year
    Facebook Crowdfunding Supporter Networks Free
    GoFundMe Charity Fast implementation Create/Join A Team Free



    product image of kindful integrated peer to peer and crowdfunding tool

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that are looking for a modern and intuitive donor management platform with a built-in crowdfunding tool and integrations with other peer-to-peer fundraising platforms.

    Favorite feature: Integrations. Kindful gives you the option to use a built-in crowdfunding feature or seamlessly connect other best-in-class fundraising tools.

    Pricing: Monthly, included with your plan. Kindful’s crowdfunding tool is integrated with our fundraising suite so it’s free to use when you join the Kindful family. Right now, pricing starts at $50 per month. Although many fundraising tools and donor management providers charge a transaction fee in addition to standard credit card processing fees, Kindful does not charge a transaction fee.

    Learn More About Kindful


    product image of classy peer to peer software

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that need a strong and beautiful peer-to-peer platform and are willing to invest more resources for more advanced features.

    Favorite feature: Beautiful, customizable landing pages. There’s a lot to love about Classy’s peer-to-peer tool. If you’re looking for a beautiful and customizable platform, Classy is a good platform to check out. They have some of the best landing page options out there. As a bonus, they now integrate with Facebook so your peer-to-peer campaign can sync seamlessly with Facebook’s fundraising tools.

    Pricing: Pay as you go or subscription plan. You can get started with Classy’s peer-to-peer and crowdfunding tools and pay as you go with a 5% transaction fee. Their paid plans start at $299 and include a subscription and transaction fees.

    Learn More About Classy


    product images of qgivs peer to peer platform

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that want a platform that integrates with Facebook.

    Favorite feature: Facebook integration. The Facebook integration is the most unique and compelling feature of Qgiv. Many nonprofits and supporters use Facebook informally to launch crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns. With Qgiv, you can leverage the social power of Facebook to launch an integrated campaign.

    Pricing: Monthly and transaction fees. Qgiv’s peer-to-peer pricing starts at $229 per month plus transaction fees.

    Learn More About Qgiv


    product image of handbid peer to peer crowdfunding software

    Recommended for: Nonprofits looking for an integrated solution for auctions, peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, and event management.

    Favorite feature: Integrated fundraising tools. You’ll see the most important donor and contact information from all of Handbid’s fundraising tools right on the dashboard.

    Pricing: Yearly, performance, and processing fees. Pricing for Handbid’s peer-to-peer and crowdfunding tools includes a $495 set-up fee, a 3% revenue performance fee, and credit card processing fees of 3.5% and 30 cents per transaction.

    Learn More About Handbid


    Product image of GiveGame social fundraising software for nonprofits

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that want to launch a social fundraising campaign that’s unique, easy to share, and engaging for their supporters.

    Favorite feature: Gamification. GiveGame gives you the ability to gamify sports, reality television, award shows, and more, making it fun for your supporters to fundraise for you.

    Pricing: Platform fee. GiveGame takes a 10% platform and transaction fee from all your donations.

    Learn More About GiveGame


    product image of causevoxs peer to peer platform

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that want a scalable platform with a basic fundraising suite—including donation pages, crowdfunding pages, peer-to-peer pages, and a fundraising CRM.

    Favorite feature: DIY Fundraising. We love how the DIY Fundraising feature allows your supporters to set-up their own crowdfunding campaign anytime they want, all through the CauseVox portal.

    Pricing: Monthly, platform, and processing fees. You can start off with a limited feature plan with no monthly cost or platform fee—you only pay for processing fees. If you want the full peer-to-peer features, however, we recommend considering a paid plan.

    Learn More About CauseVox


    Recommended for: Nonprofits that want a peer-to-peer platform that’s built to increase awareness and gain new supporters.

    Favorite feature: Social listening. The social listening feature is the defining feature for the OneCause peer-to-peer platform. We love how OneCause allows you to track how your campaign is performing on social media channels.

    Pricing: Annual fee. Subscription starts at $3,600/year with a $100,000 fundraising goal. They offer peer-to-peer and online fundraising solutions with plans ranging from entry level to enterprise and multi-affiliate.


    product image of bonfire peer to peer fundraising software

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that want to include t-shirt fundraisers in their peer-to-peer fundraising strategy.

    Favorite feature: Branded organization profile. Bonfire allows your organization to create a page to feature your active campaigns, showcase community fundraisers, and highlight your success.

    Pricing: Processing fee. Bonfire has an 8% processing fee on each transaction, but using the platform is completely free. You choose how you price your products and how much profit you make from each t-shirt purchase.


    product image of donatelys peer to peer platform

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that want to invest in an affordable fundraising suite that includes peer-to-peer functionality.

    Favorite feature: The fundraising suite integration. Donately’s peer-to-peer pages integrate with the rest of the fundraising suite, as well as a select number of other software providers your organization may already be using.

    Pricing: Platform fee. You can get started with Donately for $0 a month and a 4% platform fee.


    product images of facebook fundraising tools

    Recommended for: Any nonprofit that wants to create a crowdfunding campaign.

    Favorite feature: Access to supporters’ networks. Given its popularity, a significant number of your supporters will have a Facebook profile. Facebook’s built-in crowdfunding feature allows your supporters to leverage their existing network to spread awareness and raise funds for your nonprofit.

    Pricing: Completely free. Simply use Facebook’s fundraising tools with your nonprofit’s page, and you can begin your own fundraising campaign or encourage your supporters to start one from their profile.

    Learn More About Fundraising With Facebook

    GoFundMe Charity

    product image of gofundme charity's free peer to peer fundraising platform

    Recommended for: Nonprofits that need free peer-to-peer fundraising software that they can get started with quickly. GoFundMe Charity is primarily a peer-to-peer platform, so it’s great for nonprofits that need to get a campaign started right away at no cost.

    Favorite feature: Create/Join A Team. It is easy to create or join a team with GoFundMe Charity. Their peer-to-peer campaign pages feature options to join or create that make it as simple as possible for supporters to become fundraisers.

    Pricing: Platform and Processing fees. Right now, it’s free to get started with GoFundMe Charity. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll pay platform and processing fees; the price will depend on how much money you raise. This option may not be the most cost effective if you have several peer-to-peer campaigns each year and could instead benefit from a platform with a monthly pricing plan.

    *indicates that the platform is a Kindful integration partner

    Kindful is a donor management platform with built-in peer-to-peer fundraising tools and integrations with other best-in-class providers like Classy, Qgiv, and Handbid. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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