Nonprofit Trends: Older Donors Are Behind Online Giving Too!

One of the most common things we hear from potential and current Kindful customers is that while younger donors are always ready to get behind online giving, the older crowd is still more likely to send checks via that old-timey medium we call the post office. And while Kindful does make it a lot easier to manually enter and track offline donations, let’s face it – there are about a million other things you would rather be doing than processing all those paper checks.

Well, we’ve got some good news for your tired number-punching fingers! Strategic fundraising consultant, Dunham+Company, recently found that older donors are just as likely to give online donations as their younger counterparts. In fact, donors over the age of 65 are now equally as likely to give online as donors under that age!

According to the study, conducted with the help of Campbell Rinker, 59-percent of donors 66 and older are giving online, while the percentage of donors 65 and under who give online comes in at 60-percent. Given the study’s margin of error, that’s really no difference at all and means that older donors are just as likely to give online as younger donors. Even better, this 2014 stat showing the high number of older online donors is up from just 29-percent in 2010. So while some people may still be waiting for the Baby Boomer generation to catch up with the internet age, it would seem that maybe they already have. And that’s great news for all your online fundraising efforts!


The study also found a major leap in the percentage of donors who make an online donation in response to an email. In 2012, only 5-percent of donors gave an online donation because of an email appeal. In 2014, the likelihood of giving as a result of email marketing jumped to 20-percent! And with older donors making up 23-percent of that likelihood, people over the age of 65 may actually be even more active in online giving than anyone else.

’93The trend of older donors giving online has definitely accelerated in the last two years,” says Rick Dunham, President and CEO of Dunham+Company. “From our perspective, charities must seriously consider that an older donor is now just as likely to hop on to their website to give as a younger donor. This means charities must do all they can to optimize their website for ease of use as well as streamline the giving process to better serve these older donors, as donors over 60 are a prime demographic for giving.”

Wise words from Dunham+Company and an important call-to-action for nonprofits all over the United States. Online fundraising matters now more than ever. Easy navigation of your website and donation matters now more than ever. And Kindful can help! With our seamless integration of online fundraising tools and powerful donor analytics, we can help you maximize the impact of all your fundraising tools on the web and reach donors with your message and mission — no matter how old or young they may be!

Get in touch today to learn more about Kindful’s intuitive donor database and powerful online fundraising. We can’t wait to see your work thrive!

Image Credit: tec_estromberg