Women’s History Month: 11 Nonprofits That Are Advocating For Female Empowerment

KindfulMarch 01, 2022

Black and white photograph showing protest and sign that says The Rights Of Women And Girls Is The Unfinished Business of the Twenty First Century

This Women’s History Month, we’re proud to highlight the innovative and impactful work of these Kindful/Bloomerang customers. Their missions are varied—from gender equity in the music industry to helping those affected by incarceration and addiction—but their causes are all worthy of your time and support.

On this page, you’ll find their missions, the areas of impact they serve, and ways to support their important work. Plus we’ll include resources and data about women in philanthropy that we compiled with nonprofits in mind.

Boulanger Initiative
Artist rendering of two women in classical attire with blue, pink, and red flowers and music notes in the background

Mission: Boulanger Initiative’s mission is to promote music composed by womxn through performance, education, and commissions. To work toward greater inclusivity, and to enrich our collective understanding of what music is, has been, and can be.

Impacting: Gender equity in the music industry

Headquarters in: Washington, D.C.

How To Support Boulanger Initiative

Learn more about Boulanger Initiative

500 Women Scientists

Mission: Their mission is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, and accessible by fighting racism, patriarchy, and oppressive societal norms.

Impacting: Science

Headquarters in: Boulder, CO

How To Support 500 Women Scientists

Learn more about 500 Women Scientists

Crossroads for Women

Woman smiling in opening of a front door with cat in her arms

Mission: The mission of Crossroads for Women is to provide comprehensive, integrated services to empower women emerging from incarceration to achieve safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives in the community, for themselves and their children.

Impacting: Incarceration and addiction

Headquarters in: Albuquerque, NM

How To Support Crossroads for Women

Learn more about Crossroads for Women

Helping Women Period

Mission: Helping Women Period is committed to supplying menstrual health products to people that menstruate who are either homeless or low-income.

Impacting: Menstrual health

Headquarters in: East Lansing, MI

How To Support Helping Women Period

Learn more about Helping Women Period

Rejuvenating Women

Mission: Rejuvenating Women is a nonprofit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to individuals who have been trafficked and sexually exploited in Nebraska and throughout the country.

Impacting: Human trafficking

Headquarters in: Boys Town, NE

How To Support Rejuvenating Women

Learn more about Rejuvenating Women

Thrive Women’s Clinic

Mission: Thrive Women’s Clinic is dedicated to providing resources needed to navigate pregnancy decisions.

Impacting: Women’s health

Headquarters in: Dallas, TX

How To Support Thrive Women’s Clinic

Learn more about Thrive Women’s Clinic

Women In Need Society

Mission: WINS (Women In Need Society) is Calgary’s homegrown thrift charity founded in 1992 to provide basic needs to women in poverty and their families.

Impacting: Poverty

Headquarters in: Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

How To Support Women In Need Society

Learn more about Women In Need Society


Mission: WomenRising’s mission is to assist women and their families to achieve self-sufficiency and live safe, productive, and fulfilling lives, through social services, economic development, and advocacy services.

Impacting: Social services

Headquarters in: Jersey City, NJ

How To Support WomenRising

Learn more about WomenRising

Omaha Girls Rock

Teacher showing young girl how to play drums at Omaha Girls Rock

Mission: Omaha Girls Rock’s mission is to empower youth to find their unique voice through music education, performance, and creativity. Their goal is to cultivate strong, contributing members of their community.

Impacting: Music education

Headquarters in: Omaha, NE

How To Support Omaha Girls Rock

Learn more about Omaha Girls Rock

Girls Write Nashville

Young girl smiling in an audio recording studio with teacher clapping beside her

Mission: Girls Write Nashville is a nonprofit songwriting mentorship program based in Nashville, TN, that cultivates empowered expression and positive community for teen girls.

Impacting: Empowerment through music education

Headquarters in: Nashville, TN

How To Support Girls Write Nashville

Learn more about Girls Write Nashville

Girls On The Run

Kindful Girls On The Run customers include the Michiana, New Jersey East, Northeast Ohio, Bexar County, Central Ohio, Lancaster, and NOVA chapters.

Mission: Girls On The Run reaches girls at a critical stage, strengthening their confidence at a time when society begins to tell them they can’t. Underscoring the important connection between physical and emotional health, their program addresses the whole girl when she needs it the most.

Impacting: Physical and mental wellbeing

Headquarters in: Charlotte, NC

How To Support Girls On The Run

Learn more about Girls On The Run

Resources and data about women in philanthropy

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