Collect and track in-kind donations and non-cash gifts.

Connect in-kind contributions to donor records and include them in your reports.

Contact profile of Alexis Hall, showing multiple online donations listed above and below her in-kind donation

Keep track of your in-kind donations.

For nonprofits that receive in-kind contributions, Kindful is the perfect place to organize your donations. Record your non-cash gifts and catalog them alongside your other donations.

To enter an in-kind gift in Kindful, click Add new, then Non-Cash Gift, and enter the contact name, the campaign, gift total, and description.

Quickly enter your in-kind contributions.

Data entry can be one of the more time-consuming tasks your team takes on. Kindful streamlines these processes, making it quick and painless to enter non-cash gifts and in-kind donations into your database.

Kindful let's you pull a report of in-kind contributions simply by clicking on the

Bring it all together in reports.

It’s one thing to enter your in-kind donations—you also need a way to access these records. With Kindful organizing your donor data, you can pull reports on in-kind donation history or totals and see how they stack up alongside your online gifts, cash donations, and other transactions.

Fundraising officer calling a donor after their in-kind contribution

Thank and acknowledge your donations automatically.

Automatic receipting can save your team countless hours, but how do you automate a receipt for a non-digital gift? Kindful allows you to send an email, set up a letter, or schedule a call without any added effort from your team.

Kindful can store documents and link them to contact profiles so you can pull up an in-kind agreement any time in the future

Catalog your in-kind gift agreements, too.

For larger in-kind donations, you may want to use a gift agreement. With Kindful’s contact records, you can upload and connect any PDF documents to that donor or organization so you can reference it in the future.

Track your in-kind donations with clarity.

Say “goodbye” to spreadsheets and “hello” to time-saving workflows that keep your donor data organized and accessible. Learn more in a personalized demo.

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