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Kindful vs. Salesforce

The search for a new donor management solution can be overwhelming. We put together this brief look at some of our features to show you how Kindful compares to Salesforce.

Interface yes Clean, intuitive, ready to use no Cluttered and complicated. Takes significant time and training to understand.
Integrations yes30+ free integrations with world-class software tools noCostly fees to connect apps and integrations to your account
Support yes Free email and chat support, as well as 24/7 access to the Kindful-maintained help center. no Limited support from crowdsourced forums. Pay an expensive fee for personalized support.
Pricing yesSimple, straightforward pricing plans noPay extra for required customization, access to integrations, and support

How Does Kindful Compare To Salesforce?

See how Kindful allows your organization to better understand your donors, raise more funds, and do more good.

holding laptop showing kindful dashabord

Beautiful and ready-to-use interface.

  • Clean, modern, beautiful. Look forward to managing your donors with an interface that makes sense.
  • No costly customization necessary. With Kindful, your donor management system is already built with your needs in mind.
  • Built for nonprofits. Kindful is constantly updating to fit the needs of the nonprofit community.
kindful logo connecting to mailchimp, zapier, square, paypal, shopify, and emma logos

Seamlessly integrate with the best-in-class tools.

  • Free access to 30+ integrations. Connect your account to the tools you already use like Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Classy, and more at no extra cost.
  • Best-in-class nonprofit tools, seamlessly connected. With Kindful, you get world-class donor management plus the best tools in online fundraising, email marketing, payment processing, and more.
  • No more importing and exporting. With Kindful, you get true integrations so you don’t have to spend precious time manually transferring your data.

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Expert support when you need it.

  • Free email and chat support. Get help when you need it from our Kindful Support Team right from our Nashville headquarters.
  • 24/7 access to the Kindful Help Center. Over 250 articles, 30 videos, and weekly webinars available on all things Kindful.
  • Ongoing, personalized support available with our Kindful Care Team.
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Upfront pricing.

  • Simple and straightforward. With Kindful, plans start at $119/month and include all of Kindful’s features, access to apps and integrations, email and chat support, and more.
  • No customization fees. Kindful comes ready to use, which means you don’t have to invest precious resources into building out your donor management system.
  • No hidden fees, tricks, or surprises. Pay one price based on your contacts and get all the features you need.

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We switched to Kindful after using Salesforce for years

We switched to Kindful about a year ago after using Salesforce for years. It's been really user friendly, and the best part is that I can call and ask questions to get help. It's been a lovely, streamlined way to keep track of our donors and their transactions.

Catherine H., Director of Development View on G2
I came across Kindful and all "No's" turned to "Yesses."

I had never used a CRM before and looked into Salesforce and Neon. As a new nonprofit, we could not afford Salesforce's 15K implementation and training so their sales rep had no interest in talking with me...Thankfully, I came across Kindful and all "No's" turned to "Yesses." Within an hour my company info was set up, my donor processing was activated and my donor page was designed, up, and running.

Amanda H. View on G2
Great customer service, user-friendly interface

"Kindful has amazing customer service. I also like how clean the campaigns look and how easy they are to use, on the admin side and the user side. We have seen our online donations increase, simply because the donation software is more appealing."

Andrew C, Development Assistant View on G2
Modern, Accommodating, Dynamic, All-in-One, Easy-to-Use CRM for nonprofits!

We were looking for a DMS that could seamlessly integrate email communications, print communications, gift acknowledgments, events, and online giving. Best of all, this is super easy to use!

Shaelina H, Director of Development & Marketin View on G2
Excellent customer service. Once you join, you join a family!

"World Class Customer Service. Many times companies sell product and then they forget you. Kindful team is with you every step of the way. They accommodate every reasonable request you have and go out of their way to help you."

Abraham T, Founder & CEO View on G2
Kindful saves us time and makes donor management much easier!

"Kindful's user interface is easy to work with and not intimidating for my staff. It is quick to find the information I need. The donation pages are beautiful and allow donors to pay for the fees, which 70% pay, saving us a lot of money. The support staff is very helpful and quick to answer questions."

Clay C, Executive Director View on G2

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