20+ Handy Event Management Software Tools for Nonprofits

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What do a fundraising 5K, charity auction, and benefit concert all have in common? They’re all effective nonprofit events that require careful planning to be successful. If you’re interested in planning events like these, it’s essential to have the right event management software for nonprofits on your side.

56% of donors regularly attend fundraising events, making these experiences some of the most effective ways to capture your audience’s attention. Event management software makes event planning easier for your staff and helps provide a better attendee experience.

This guide explores the basics of event management software and top solutions in the following sections:

If you’re ready to move away from spreadsheets and physical forms to start planning events that smash your fundraising goals, event management software can help your nonprofit make the most of each event you host.

Ready to engage donors and cultivate long-lasting relationships through events? Explore Bloomerang’s Event Fundraising Tools here. 

What is nonprofit event management software?

Event management software is a tool that streamlines all of the components involved in event management. It allows you to focus more on ensuring guests (and potential donors) have a fantastic time at your event and less on all of the administrative tasks that go into throwing a successful event.

There are many types of event management software out there, each offering its own bells and whistles, but the basic goal of all event management software is to help you effectively plan, execute, and wrap up an event.

With most event management software, you can:

  • Set up an event or fundraiser budget
  • Create an inventory list of all live and silent auction items you procure
  • Send out invitations and track event attendees, complete event preparation checklists
  • Distribute marketing materials

All members of your nonprofit’s team can log on to the event management program and get up-to-date information about where you are in the planning process.

What should nonprofits consider before investing in event management software?

Choosing the right event management software is key to planning a successful event. To select a tool that works best for your organization’s unique needs, keep the following considerations in mind.

Nonprofit event management software considerations (explained in the sections below)


Your software system should be a valuable tool for employees to use, not a hindrance. Request demos from your top software vendors to get a sense of how the software works. Ensure all team members who will work with this software daily are invited to participate.


Nonprofits have unique event needs that are different from those of events hosted by other types of organizations. You’ll need to ensure that your event management software offers features for fundraising, engaging donors, and providing a positive sponsor experience.

Essential nonprofit event management features include:

  • Registration
  • Ticketing
  • Reporting
  • Fundraising tools
  • Constituent engagement metrics
  • A mobile event app with custom branding
  • Sponsor management
  • Marketing tools
  • Clear workflows
  • User roles and permissions

When exploring top software options, ask if the tools come with all event management features built-in or if any are offered as add-ons.


Your event management software should integrate with your other tools, like your constituent relationship management platform (CRM), email marketing platform, and website content management system (CMS). Integrations enable seamless data transfers between platforms, allowing for a more cohesive event experience.

For example, integrating your event software with your CMS allows you to gather registration information via your nonprofit’s main website. Integrating your email marketing tools allows you to send relevant information to prospects and attendees.

Hybrid and virtual event functionality

If you’re interested in hosting hybrid or fully virtual events, you’ll need to find software that can accommodate these event formats. Virtual and hybrid events require unique functionality, such as:

  • Virtual sponsorship promotions (such as a digital sponsorship wall)
  • Audience interaction features, such as polls, Q&As, and live reaction tools
  • Livestreaming capabilities

It’s helpful to read software reviews from real customers to understand the user-friendliness of each platform’s virtual event functionality. Use third-party review aggregators like G2 for unbiased testimonials.


Pricing is another consideration to keep in mind when selecting software for managing events and fundraisers, especially if your nonprofit doesn’t have a large budget. When you’re just getting started, you can consider free software tools to get a sense of how these systems work. Then, if you want to scale up your software to access more features, you can move to a paid version.

When browsing paid software options, pay attention to the features offered at each payment tier. The provider should offer a straightforward pricing model based on the size of your organization or the number of features you want to access.

Technical support

Investigate your top software options carefully to understand the level of customer support they offer. Getting your software up and running quickly and configuring it to your organization’s unique needs is crucial for achieving a high ROI.

Top event management software for nonprofits

We’ve compiled top event management software solutions, categorized by their primary use.

Best event management software options for nonprofits

These tools are the best overall event management solutions on the market.

Logos for the best event management software for nonprofits, listed below


Bloomerang offers event fundraising tools that put supporter relationships first. Bloomerang recognizes the importance of fundraising events for engaging donors and building stronger ties with all supporters.

Using Bloomerang, you can create convenient event registration pages supporters can use to sign up online. These forms will also automatically sync information to your CRM by creating a transaction entry on each attendee’s timeline and an interaction entry from the confirmation email you send.

Build long-lasting relationships with Bloomerang’s other event management tools, including:

Unique features of Bloomerang’s event management software for nonprofits (explained in the list below) 

  • Constituent Engagement Level, a metric that takes into account past interactions and event attendance to produce an engagement score for every attendee. This feature allows you to identify your most engaged supporters that you should make a point to interact with at your event.
  • Advanced reporting to identify supporters who attend your events but haven’t yet donated, those who just made their first donation at an event, and those who are your top event promoters.
  • Unlimited custom fields that allow you to track any information about your supporters you’d like to prioritize, including event preferences like their favorite food and drinks, their preferred channel to receive event information, and whether they prefer attending in-person or virtual events.

Effective fundraising events start with knowing who your attendees are, their preferences, and how likely they are to donate. Bloomerang leaves none of these elements up to chance by offering the tools you need to create a well-rounded picture of your event attendees.

Bloomerang’s pricing starts at $125 per month and scales up depending on the number of records in your donor database. The plan includes unlimited forms and giving pages, donor engagement scoring, wealth screening, email marketing, unlimited users, and more. Explore Bloomerang’s plans here.

Your events can be a stepping stone to long-term donor engagement. Bloomerang’s fundraising tools can help. Schedule a Bloomerang Demo here. 


Overview: Qgiv simplifies every aspect of the event management process, from creating registration forms to running event reports. Plus, Qgiv joined the Bloomerang team to equip nonprofits with a modern giving platform that centralizes supporter relationships.

Features: Qgiv’s robust event management features include:

  • Customizable events with branded registration forms, multi-attendee registration, and an embedded event registration button on your nonprofit’s website
  • Guest management tools including flexible ticketing options and QR code check-ins
  • Custom fields to track any attendee data relevant to your event, from food and beverage preferences to shirt sizes
  • Convenient donation and appeals tools that allow donors to give when registering for your event and enable your organization to send thank-you notes and receipts easily
  • Email and social sharing options to promote your event across platforms like Facebook and X
  • Reporting and analytics solutions to segment data, compare performance year after year, and export data to your integrated CRM

Pricing: Qgiv offers a free plan for organizations just starting with event planning. Paid plans start at $25 per month.

Best for: Organizations looking for a robust event management solution that prioritizes positive relationships and offers seamless CRM integration.


Overview: EventMobi’s software is designed to help associations, agencies, and corporations plan and manage engaging events. They offer in-person, hybrid, and virtual event solutions to engage attendees in any format.

Features: Mobile event apps, virtual and hybrid event platforms, conference badges, advanced reporting, gamification, and networking opportunities.

Pricing: Request pricing on their website.

Best for: Association and corporate events

A2Z Events

Overview: A2Z Events is Personify’s event management platform. This platform helps organizations organize major events like conferences and trade shows.

Features: Online community for event professionals, networking tools, event websites, mobile apps, data integrations, and simplified payment collection.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Best for: Associations and corporate events


Overview: Eventify specializes in B2B and conference events with tools to streamline registration, ticketing, check-ins, and more.

Features: Online and on-site attendee check-ins, community forum, social feeds, speaker profiles, and more.

Pricing: Plans start at $599 per event or $1,575 per year for unlimited events.

Best for: Organizations that work in the technology, education, healthcare, science, and tourism sectors.

Top auction event software solutions

If you want to host an in-person or virtual auction event, these solutions will help manage everything from item procurement to checkouts.

Logos for the auction software options for nonprofits, listed below



Overview: In addition to a full event management platform, Qgiv also offers functionality for silent auctions and mobile bidding. Eliminate stress related to paper bids and long checkout lines with Qgiv’s flexible, modern auction solution.

Features: Qgiv offers essential auction features including:

  • Mobile bidding via an app or the web
  • Simple sign-up, check-in, and table assignment for guests
  • Simplified event purchases with running tabs
  • Multiple payment options at checkout, including credit card, Apple Pay, cash, and checks
  • Reporting tools to measure your auction’s return on investment (ROI)

Pricing: Qgiv’s auction package is $259 per month.

Best for: Nonprofits looking for a one-stop shop for all auction planning, hosting, and follow-up needs.


Overview: Handbid is a mobile bidding software application for organizations that are ready to move away from paper bid sheets or clunky bidding software.

Features: Mobile bidding, ticketing and registrations, mobile auction management, text-to-give, and fundraising pages.

Pricing: Packages start at $1,396 for single and multi-event plans.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to invest in their first auction planning software.


Overview: OneCause offers multiple fundraising solutions for nonprofits, including an event fundraising and mobile bidding platform to take your auction events to the next level.

Features: Ticketing, simplified registration and checkout, sponsorship management, gamification, real-time scorecards, and more.

Pricing: Explore plans on the OneCause website.

Best for: Nonprofits looking for an all-in-one fundraising platform that specializes in auction planning and mobile bidding.


Overview: Clickbid is a complete event fundraising platform for in-person and online auctions, raise-the-paddle events, and silent auctions.

Features: Custom landing pages, mobile bidding, text-to-give, mass messaging, AuctionGPT, and more.

Pricing: Plans start at $795 per year.

Best for: Nonprofits of all sizes across North America looking for event fundraising support.

Free event management tools for nonprofits

Event planning on a budget? Explore these free and low-cost tools to help stay organized. Keep in mind that many free plans offer limited tickets or less robust features, so you may have to sacrifice some functionality for a less expensive price tag.

Logos for the free event management tools for nonprofits, listed below


Overview: Eventbrite is an event-hosting platform that makes it easy for organizers to create event pages and sell tickets.

Features: Event ticketing, organizer app, event promotion ads, email and social media marketing tools, and secure payments.

Pricing: Eventbrite offers a free plan for events with up to 25 tickets. Paid plans start at $9.99 per event for up to 100 tickets.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to quickly launch an event page and reach a wider audience of potential attendees.


Overview: RSVPify is an event planning and registration platform that enables organizations to create streamlined, branded RSVP forms.

Features: Online RSVP collection, ticket sales, event websites, custom data collection, menu and meal preferences, and more.

Pricing: RSVPify is free to use if you’re selling tickets for your event, with a 1.95% + $.90 fee per ticket or donation. Paid plans start at $19 per month.

Best for: Businesses of all sizes, nonprofits, churches, and personal events like weddings or holiday parties.


Overview: Zeffy promotes itself as “the only zero-fee fundraising software for nonprofits.” Zeffy earns revenue from voluntary donor contributions.

Features: Scannable e-tickets, a payment processor that can handle multiple payment methods, customizable ticketing forms, in-person payments, and marketing tools to contact attendees.

Pricing: Free.

Best for: Nonprofits that are just getting started with event fundraising and have smaller budgets.


Overview: Zoom is a virtual video conferencing platform nonprofits can use to livestream events or host event planning meetings.

Features: AI Companion, team chat, collaboration tools such as screen share and annotations, captioning and translations, and more.

Pricing: Zoom’s free plan is limited to 40 minutes of video calling. Paid plans start at $13.33 per user per month.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to host webinars, single-session events, and other virtual events.

Google Meet

Overview: Google Meet is another virtual meeting platform.

Features: Whiteboard, breakout rooms, hand raising, reactions, and on-the-go mode.

Pricing: Google Meet is free with a limit of 24 hours for one-on-one meetings and one hour for meetings with three or more. You can access a wider range of features with a Google Workspace subscription.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to host virtual events like webinars, conferences, and Q&As.

Best event marketing solutions for nonprofits

Getting the word out about your event is crucial to its success. Use these platforms to spread awareness about the opportunity.

Logos for the event marketing solutions listed below


Overview: Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform. They offer a free nonprofit plan with access to premium features.

Features: Templates, animation, video editing, custom branding, generative AI, and more.

Pricing: Free for eligible nonprofits; review eligibility guidelines before applying.

Best for: Nonprofits that need a low-cost way to design event marketing materials like flyers, social media posts, and emails.


Overview: eCardWidget’s online eCard platform empowers organizations to design custom-branded digital greeting cards to spread event awareness or thank event attendees.

Features: Customizable branding and email templates, scheduling tool to send eCards at specific times, campaign statistics, social media and SMS sharing options, and more.

Pricing: eCardWidget’s free plan is limited to 15 eCards per month. Paid plans start at $30 per month.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to design event marketing and follow-up materials that stand out from other marketing messages.

Google Search Ads

Overview: Google Search Ads are paid advertisements that appear at the top of search engine results pages. Nonprofits can use these ads to promote their event landing pages, driving traffic and registrations.

Features: Ad scheduling, campaign experiments, multiple ad types, and ad targeting.

Pricing: Nonprofits that are eligible for the Google Ad Grant can earn $10,000 per month in Google Ad spending. Learn about program eligibility.

Best for: Nonprofits looking to drive more traffic to their website and event landing pages.

Facebook Events

Overview: Facebook events are an effective way to promote your event to your Facebook followers. Nonprofits can create events and invite supporters to RSVP. This can help generate excitement and get a more accurate headcount.

Features: Add photos and videos to your event page, invite attendees to RSVP, and make your event private or public.

Pricing: Free

Best for: Nonprofits with a large Facebook following.


Overview: MailChimp is an email marketing platform that enables organizations to create, schedule, and report on email campaigns.

Features: Email templates, AI marketing tools, websites, reporting and analytics, marketing automation, and more.

Pricing: MailChimp offers a free plan with limited functionality and monthly email sends. Paid plans start at $13 per month for 5,000 monthly email sends.

Best for: Organizations looking to expand their email marketing presence and promote events via email.


Overview: Buffer offers a social media marketing toolkit. With this platform, your organization can plan, publish, and track the success of your social media posts across multiple channels.

Features: AI assistant, video content, team collaboration, analytics dashboard, and more.

Pricing: Buffer’s free plan is limited to three channels. Paid subscriptions start at $6 per month per channel.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to expand their social media strategies and collaborate with their team to create content.

Fundraising tools for nonprofit events

If your event has a fundraising focus, you’ll need the right tools to gather donations and foster supporter relationships. Explore these fundraising tools to raise more before, during, and after your event.

Logos for the event fundraising tools listed below


Overview: Bloomerang also offers a full suite of online giving tools to support event fundraising. Use our platform to track all initiatives—events, donor engagement campaigns, online fundraising campaigns, and more—with one unified platform.

Features: Mobile fundraising forms, text-to-give, flexible payment options, peer-to-peer fundraising, in-person donations through tap-to-pay, and donation form A/B testing.

Pricing: Bloomerang Standard starts at $125 per month. Explore pricing plans.

Best for: Nonprofits that need an all-in-one event management, fundraising, donor engagement, and volunteer platform.


Overview: 360MatchPro is a matching gift automation platform. Nonprofits that want to raise more through matching gifts before or during their event can use this platform to easily collect matching gifts from eligible donors.

Features: Eligibility identification tools, targeted donor email engagement, custom branding opportunities, and a matching gift metrics dashboard.

Pricing: Plans start at $999 per year.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to make the most of the matching gift potential within their audience.

Snowball Fundraising

Overview: Snowball Fundraising> is another all-in-one platform for online giving, text-to-give, auctions, and other fundraising events and opportunities.

Features: Simple auction bidding, fundraising text-to-give, unlimited fundraising campaigns, charity event ticketing, and more.

Pricing: Try Snowball for free with a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee. Or, paid plans start at $549 per year with a 2.5% + $0.30 transaction fee.

Best for: Nonprofits and churches looking for a convenient all-in-one fundraising solution.


Overview: Bonfire is a merchandise fundraising platform that specializes in t-shirt fundraising. Nonprofits can upload a custom event t-shirt design and create a fundraising page to promote their campaign.

Features: Customizable organization profile page, personalized thank-you notes, downloadable supporter information, and integrations with fundraising platforms like Classy.

Pricing: Verified nonprofits enjoy a reduced processing fee of 3.5% on transactions.

Best for: Nonprofits that want to raise event awareness and funds through merchandise fundraising.

Wrapping Up

A single nonprofit fundraising event can include hundreds of small details your organization needs to manage. That’s why event management software is such a valuable investment for nonprofits of all sizes. The more organized your event is, the more your attendees will rave about it after it is over, leading to supporter retention and higher registrations next time around.

Looking for more event management tips and tools? Start with these free resources:

Your events are a stepping stone to deeper supporter connections. Bloomerang helps cultivate event attendance into lasting relationships. Schedule a Demo here.