Event Management Software For Nonprofits

event management software

Hosting fundraising events is one of the most important things nonprofit organizations do. Events connect donors to your mission and they can empower donors to give more money and invite their friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.

While old-fashioned spreadsheets and event planning books are still valuable tools, event management software can help your nonprofit make the most out of each event you host.

What is nonprofit event management software?

Event management software streamlines all of the components involved in event management so you can focus more on making sure guests (and potential donors) have a fantastic time at your event and less on all of the administrative tasks that go into throwing a successful event. There are many types of event management software out there, each offering its own bells and whistles, but the basic premise of all event management software is to help you plan, execute, and wrap up an event once it has taken place.

With most event management software, you can set up an event or fundraiser budget, create an inventory list of all live and silent auction items you procure, send out invitations and keep track of event attendees, complete event checklists, and send out marketing information regarding your events. All members of your work team can log on to the event management program and get up-to-date information about all phases of upcoming fundraisers and events.

How is event management software beneficial for nonprofits?

First and foremost, this software will save your organization time and money after the initial investment and implementation. Your event and fundraising team can spend less time held up in meetings discussing the events and more time working on the necessary steps needed to make sure each event goes off without a hitch.

Event management software also enables each staff member on your team to be in the know and have all the information they need to make decisions. Within the software, your employees can check on what tasks have been completed for each event as well as see who is in charge of completing each task. This software is an organizational tool that you can’t afford to be without if your nonprofit hosts a lot of fundraising events.

Does event management software work with other types of software?

The short answer is yes! Most event management software packages will integrate seamlessly with your nonprofit CRM or donor management software, allowing you to pull lists for event attendees and more. Software integration is key, especially if your nonprofit is small in size. When your software systems are capable of communicating and sharing information across the board, your ability to produce reports and pull information greatly increases.

What should I look for in event management software?

The most important feature to look for when researching event management software is ease of use. If your software system is not user-friendly, it will end up not getting used to its fullest potential and will only frustrate your employees who are tasked with using it to host events. Your software system should be a valuable tool for employees to use, not a hindrance. It is also important to ensure the software system is capable of all the functions you need, and hopefully, all of these functions come with the software and are not enhanced features you have to pay extra for.

Pricing is another consideration to make when selecting software for managing events and fundraisers, especially if your nonprofit doesn’t have a large budget. While in the beginning stages of building your nonprofit and hosting events, you can also try out a free web-based software to get started; take a look at the free services offered by Eventbrite, for example. Free or low-cost technical support is another item to research when considering which event software to choose.

Is event management software good for small nonprofits?

Event management software is a good investment for any size nonprofit organization. If your nonprofit regularly hosts fundraising events, this software will help your team stay ahead of the game and keep all information related to each event organized and in order. The more organized your event is, the more your attendees will rave about it after it is over. Even if your nonprofit is small and does not host many events throughout the year, plan now for future growth. A single nonprofit fundraising event can include hundreds of small details that need to be followed up on and dealt with.

How can event management software help me host virtual events?

Virtual events are the way of the future and can be extremely beneficial to your nonprofit since they can be attended by potential donors from all over the world. Your event management software can be integrated with your other nonprofit software tools. Your computer systems can also link to video conferencing calls like Zoom to make attendees feel like they are fully engaged with the online event.