Volunteer Management Software For Nonprofits

volunteer management software

What is volunteer management software for nonprofits?

Volunteers are a vital component of any nonprofit organization. Since volunteers play such an important role in helping your nonprofit run like a well-oiled machine, it is in your organization’s best interest to manage your volunteer database with volunteer management software so that you can better communicate with and manage your volunteers.

Volunteer management software works much the same way as your donor management software in that your team can keep digital records of all your active and inactive volunteers. With volunteer management software, you can categorize your volunteers by availability, age, gender, geographical location, years of service, and other custom categories of your team’s choosing. This software streamlines all of the administrative work of recruiting, training, scheduling, and managing your pool of volunteers.

How is volunteer management software beneficial for nonprofits?

No matter how large or small your nonprofit organization is, a volunteer management system can be extremely beneficial for managing your volunteer databases. Gone are the days where you must rely on manually entering information into spreadsheets and later recalling the information you need, when you need it.

Volunteer management software is more than just a place to store volunteer contact information. It is a valuable tool that your public relations and marketing teams can use to identify talent for specific projects and events. When creating volunteer profiles within the software, your team will have the ability to create custom filters that enable them to quickly pull lists of volunteers who have specific skill sets or enjoy working on specific tasks.

Within the software, you can also track your volunteer recruiting efforts, training that each of your volunteers has received, and other pertinent information regarding your volunteers.

How does volunteer management software benefit my volunteers?

Most community members volunteer with organizations because they feel connected to the mission of the nonprofit and want to be a part of its success story. Volunteering can be very fun and rewarding when volunteers are tasked with doing projects they enjoy doing.

Volunteer management software benefits your volunteers because when they get called upon to do tasks and projects they like to do, it makes them feel special and more encouraged to give the task all their focus and attention. This software also allows your team to only schedule volunteers who are available to help, reducing the likelihood your volunteers will have to turn down the volunteer opportunity.

Does volunteer management software work with other types of nonprofit software?

Some of the time. Most volunteer management software can be integrated with your organization’s existing CRM software to make the system more complete and compatible with the needs of your nonprofit. With Kindful, for example, you can integrate a volunteer management system like Golden to ensure your volunteer data seamlessly syncs with your CRM. That way it also stays connected with your other integrated software.

What should I look for in volunteer management software?

First and foremost, your volunteer management software should be user-friendly, whether you choose to integrate it with other software systems or not. Do your research and look for a software that features an easy-to-navigate dashboard, clear and readable reports, and the ability to customize databases within the software.

We also recommend that you choose a software system that features scheduling tools and the ability to track volunteer hours. Your software system should also provide you with the ability to communicate with your volunteers through private messaging, emails, bulk mail, and message boards or forums so your volunteers can communicate among each other.

When researching the various volunteer management software packages available, look for a package that integrates with your website so that volunteers can sign up and register with your organization whenever they choose. Being able to receive the technical support you need is another key point to research before selecting a software product. Does the software company provide free live chat or in-person troubleshooting, or can they walk you through fixing various issues over the phone? Software is only worthwhile when it is usable, and you should not be charged exorbitant fees for simple troubleshooting and repairs.

Is volunteer management software good for small nonprofits?

Volunteer management software is ideal for nonprofits both large and small. For a smaller nonprofit, choose a simple management software system that provides you with all the information you need, but is not so complex. There are several great free software systems you can look into including Golden, SignUp, and Timecounts.

As your organization grows over time, you can look into investing into a paid volunteer management software program. No matter which type of volunteer management software you choose, it will save your volunteer management team time and energy when all processes can be done via their computer and digital databases.

How much does volunteer management software cost?

According to Double the Donation, monthly fees to subscribe to some of the top volunteer management software systems can cost up to $199 per month or $2,388 per year. As stated above, if your nonprofit organization is small in size or just launching, check out some of the free volunteer management software apps available so that you can spend your resources on more mission-critical initiatives.