Donation Tracking

See all your supporter’s donations and interactions in one place, without any importing and exporting.

Online Donations Sync Automatically

When someone gives through a donation page, peer-to-peer page, or on your website with our Donation Plugin, these gifts and donor records are synced to your database automatically. All made possible through industry-leading payment processors Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net.

demonstration of donation syncing with database

Data Entry Made Simple for In-Person, Mailed, and In-Kind Gifts

Dreaded data entry can now be the best part of your day. Input individual transactions or a batch of transactions and easily sync them to the right donor record. Enter in-kind gifts, and make sure soft credits are accounted for across your entire database.

Track All Giving, Including Recurring Gifts and Pledges

Gift tracking isn’t limited to single transactions. You can view recurring gifts (both online and mailed in), as well as open pledges on one clear contact page.

Take a look at the bigger picture as you uncover patterns for both individuals and groups of donors.

kindful donation tracking page on desktop computer

Comprehensive Accounting with QuickBooks

Tired of entering everything twice? Every submitted and entered transaction in Kindful is synced to QuickBooks, saving dozens of data entry hours and reducing errors for your accountant.

kindful logo and quickbooks logo connected with line

Want To Learn More?

View all of Kindful’s features or learn more about Kindful’s easy-to-use and powerful tracking and reporting capabilities.

Tracking & Reporting With Kindful