What Kind of #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign Will You Launch?

KindfulNovember 03, 2015

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The countdown is on with less than one month until #GivingTuesday! From goal-setting to launch day on December 1, there are a few important things to figure out before you can hit the ground running on this global day of giving back. Of course, we’re sure you’ve already dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s when it comes to a #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign… or have you? If you’re like most small nonprofits, you may not have had time to sit down and plot out all the details for your online fundraising campaign just yet. And that’s okay! Kindful has got you covered with resources to help you plan, prep and execute for #GivingTuesday success.

Lately, we’ve been talking about how important it is to have a donor database that’s ready to help you plan and prep for an effective #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign. That the most important first step in reaching your goals. But what happens after you’ve got your data segmented into target groups and your simple and branded online donation pages ready to go? Now it’s time to figure out what kind of fundraising campaign will best meet your goals. Maybe you want to raise as much money as possible in one day. Or maybe you’re playing the long-game and want to focus on cultivating donors who will give to your year-end campaign. Whatever the case, determine what kind of initiative you want to run on December 1 so you don’t get caught trying to do too much. It’s better to do one thing really well and make it count!

Need help deciding what kind of #GivingTuesday campaign to launch? Consider one these four options:

One Day, One Goal

If you want to get your feet wet on #GivingTuesday or are looking to build momentum around one big project, start with a single-day campaign focused on fundraising towards one goal on one day – December 1. Best for orgs who want to raise as much money as possible in a single day and relatively easy to accomplish with an online donation page and strong social media campaign.

Expand Your Reach

Want to amplify your message beyond your networks? Launch a peer to peer fundraising movement that encourages your advocates to reach out and raise money on their own. Your supporters can create donation pages of their own and tap into their own social networks and introduce new donors to your organization. Best for orgs who have a little extra time to plan a campaign that involves contacting and motivating supporters to get involved on your behalf. Or if you have Kindful! We’ve actually got some pre-built peer to peer fundraising pages ready for you. Just email us to learn more!

Make it Monthly

Great for organizations who are ready to take sporadic donors and turn them into regular, consistent supporters, a campaign that focuses on developing recurring donors is a great option for #GivingTuesday. Recurring donations are a great way to build a sustainable framework for your organizational growth and keep donors engaged long past #GivingTuesday.

Launch Your Year-End Campaign

What better way to capitalize on the potential of #GivingTuesday than to use it to help launch your year-end fundraising campaign? We know that for most organizations, December is the largest month of revenue and using the power of December 1 to supercharge the last month of the year is perhaps the best way to meet – and maybe even exceed – your goals!

No matter what kind of #GivingTuesday campaign you decide to launch, remember this: doing something is always better than doing nothing! Rally your team and get ready to make the year-end count! We’ll be back on the blog in these next few weeks, talking about how #GivingTuesday can kickstart your year-end fundraising campaign and how to connect with donors on #GivingTuesday and beyond. In the meantime, check out our Kindful University resource guide on how to create 30 Days of #GivingTuesday for your donors.

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