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Jeilan DevanesanSeptember 29, 2020

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A well-planned social media strategy won’t be half as successful if your visual assets aren’t top notch. The good news is that improving your nonprofit’s social media posts can be easy, convenient, and cost-effective! With the right insights, tools, and resources at your disposal, anyone can create impressive, professional-looking graphics for your social media posts.

Today, I’m going to share key social media graphic design tips with you. This post also includes a downloadable bundle of social media templates you can customize for Giving Tuesday posts or for future campaigns.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

1. Types Of Nonprofit Social Media Posts

When it comes to the actual content you create for social media, you want to diversify it. That applies whether you’re creating a campaign around Giving Tuesday or something else.

Sharing different kinds of content points to the value of your cause, drives engagement, furthers your message, and develops your brand. This lets you appeal to potential donors in different ways, improving your chances of winning them over.

Infographics and statistics

Infographics and other data-driven content are great ways to inform and compel your supporters to take action. Infographics in particular are great visual tools for storytelling and sharing complex data in a simple way.

My favorite example of nonprofit infographics is the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s water conservation infographic.

Take a look:

example of a nonprofit infographic

What could easily be a blog post has been packaged into a visually-enticing, three-panel infographic. The solid colors, the neat illustrations, and the layout make it easy to read. The data jumps out at you, and the messaging is clear. The cartoon-ish aesthetic makes it inviting and accessible for audiences of any age.

Here’s another example of an engaging, informative nonprofit infographic from World Wildlife Fund:

example of nonprofit infographic

We learn about different types of sea turtles, statistics about how they’re harmed and the sources of danger to them, and ways we can help.

You’ll notice in both examples that the statistics shared are staggering. These kinds of statistics are what evoke an emotional response in your audience and make infographics so effective.

Consider the story your data tells and leverage infographics to tell it.

Social media quotes

Another way to share the real-life impact of your nonprofit’s work is to share quotes from the people you’ve helped. Nothing speaks louder than an actual person who turned their life around due to the support they received from an organization.

Here’s an example of a Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program Alum sharing her experience.

example of a nonprofit graphic featuring a quote

Data and statistics are compelling, but hearing someone speak passionately about your organization’s work and what it has done for them can be just as powerful.

This Girls Inc. post helps to accomplish the same thing.

example of a nonprofit social media post from girls inc

What’s great about sharing quotes on your social media posts is that the design can be very simple, and you can incorporate them into your marketing toolkit. That way any time you share a quote, it’ll be easy to put together and publish.

Social media announcements and thank you posts

As events are scheduled, programs go live, and other changes take place, you’ll need to share that information quickly. And naturally, after major events and fundraisers, you’ll want to thank all of your supporters.

Here’s a simple post from St. Baldrick’s Foundation to bring their Giving Tuesday campaign to a close.

example of nonprofit social media post from st baldricks foundation thanking donors

In this Treehouse for Kids example, they thank one of their corporate partners that fundraised for them.

example of social media post from treehouse for kids

Hunger Free America thanked their volunteers by sharing a data-packed post acknowledging their hard work.

example of nonprofit social media post from hunger free thanking volunteers

2. Giving Tuesday Social Media Posts

When it comes to creating social media posts for Giving Tuesday, similar rules apply. You want your nonprofit’s brand to stand out. That means incorporating your organization’s logo, colors, and fonts.

However, your messaging will change since it’s focusing on Giving Tuesday, which is why you may want to consider using different design layouts to differentiate your Giving Tuesday posts from your normal posts.

Coming back to Treehouse for Kids, here’s one of their Giving Tuesday posts from last year’s Giving Tuesday campaign:

Example of Giving Tuesday social media post from Treehouse

It’s a little different from the posts we saw earlier, but the Treehouse for Kids logo is still prominent, as well as the brand’s shade of green.

UNICEF’s post is also another solid example:

Example of nonprofit social media post from UNICEF

The brand’s shades of blue are there, as well as the organization’s logo, both defining the image.

For Giving Tuesday, you’ll need to make your posts as visible as possible. The #givingtuesday hashtag plays a central role here. For posts leading up to the giving day, and for the day of, be sure to incorporate the #givingtuesday hashtag.

Finally, Giving Tuesday also provides downloadable Giving Tuesday logos for nonprofits to incorporate into their visuals. Especially for smaller nonprofit organizations, it’s a great way to leverage a recognizable visual to add legitimacy to your organization. This can help you win over potential first-time donors and followers.

3. Nonprofit Social Media Graphics Template

Now that you have the basics down for creating top-notch social media graphics, you need the resources and tools to do it.

Check out this nonprofit social media campaign toolkit from Venngage. The toolkit is complete with a guide on creating focused, effective social media campaigns, and includes a bundle of nonprofit social media graphic templates.

The bundle is free to download, and includes even more types of templates than the ones covered in this post. The templates are easy to brand and customize without any design experience, too.

For more resources to help you plan and executive a successful Giving Tuesday, check out our 2020 Giving Tuesday Resources for Nonprofits.

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