Recurring Giving

What is Recurring Giving?

Recurring giving is when a donor elects to make a regular, ongoing donation to your organization instead of choosing to make a one-time gift.

How Do Nonprofit Organizations Use Recurring Giving?

Your organization can use recurring giving to:

  1. Give your donor choices. When you set up your donation page, give donors the option to make a one-time gift or a recurring gift. This provides the donor with flexibility based on their financial situation.
  2. Tell a story. Use the recurring giving option to tell donors a story about how their dollars are going to work. What will giving $5/month mean for your cause? What about $25/month? Will it provide a year’s worth of school supplies or send a child to school for a year? Draw a connection between their donation and your mission.

How Can It Boost Fundraising Efforts?

Recurring giving is an attractive fundraising strategy because it’s sustainable and hassle-free. When your donor makes a recurring gift, that means your organization gets a set amount of money coming in every month. Exciting, right? Recurring giving is also hassle-free for the donor. By making a recurring donation, the donor doesn’t have to take time every month to go back to your organization’s website.

Managing Recurring Donations in Kindful

You can easily enter and manage recurring transactions in Kindful, with the power to track them automatically or manually, easily use stored payment methods saved in your connected gateway account, set the recurrence to automatically cancel, and run detailed reports on these transactions.

Bottom Line

Recurring giving makes regular giving easy for donors while creating sustainable
revenue for your organization.