Donation Page

What Is A Donation Page?

A donation page, or online donation page, is a location on a nonprofit’s website where people can go to give money to the organization.

How Do Nonprofit Organizations Use Donation Pages?

As the name suggests, nonprofits use donation pages to collect donations from individuals visiting their website. Nonprofit organizations can also put links to their donation page in campaign emails and on social networking platforms.

This is also a space for organizations to communicate their mission and share how a donation will help them achieve that. Sometimes organizations give concrete examples like “A donation of $200 feeds a family of 6 for one month.” This gives individuals a specific ask and makes a connection between their donation and your mission.

Why It Matters

Nonprofit organizations need donations to fulfill their missions. Having a donation page on your website allows you to direct potential donors exactly where and how to give.

What A Donation Page Can Do

Kindful’s donation pages allow users to create an unlimited number of pages to easily accept donations online. Kindful users can customize the pages and the donor’s experience, provide recurring giving options, view and act on online donations, and integrate their donation pages with tools they already use.

Bottom Line

Donation pages are an important tool when it comes to collecting donations from supporters and reminding donors why their support matters.

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