Donor Communication

What is donor communication?

Donor communication is any activity in which a nonprofit communicates with donors, including both established donors and potential donors they hope to engage.

Nonprofits communicate with their donors via email, on social networking sites, and through direct mailing. They connect with donors to solicit donations, thank them for their donations, and communicate about how their funds are being put to work.

Donor communication is important because it enables nonprofits to form a relationship with the donor, which lays the foundation for any future ask a nonprofit wants to make. This communication effort allows nonprofits to convey their missions to donors via social networking sites, websites, and emails. Nonprofits are then also able to reach out to donors to solicit donations, like during Giving Tuesday campaigns.

Finding the right donor communication tools

A nonprofit organization communicates with donors in a myriad of ways, from emails to social media channels to direct mail initiatives and more. The key to excelling at donor communication is sending the right message at the right time. With that in mind, nonprofit organizations often look for tools and features that help them automate things like donation receipts and acknowledgments. Segmenting donors is another priority for nonprofits because it gives them the ability to target some donors without spamming others.

Bottom Line

Donor communication shows donors they are valued, updates them on a nonprofit’s mission, and keeps an open channel for nonprofits to solicit future donations.