Online Fundraising: How To Start Collecting Donations Online For Your Nonprofit

KindfulJune 15, 2021

online fundraising

Although many nonprofits still report receiving more donations offline than online, online fundraising is too valuable to ignore. The easier you can make it for your supporters to donate to your cause, the better, and many of them will be looking to do that via their computers and phones.

If your organization is interested in beginning the process of collecting donations online, keep reading to see our advice for navigating the technical world of online giving.

Online fundraising channels

When it comes to online fundraising, there are many outlets at your disposal. Chances are, you already have at least some of the digital tools in place to collect donations.


Does your nonprofit already have a website? If so, it’s easy to optimize your website so that your organization can accept donations online. Make sure you have donation buttons that are prominently featured on your site. These buttons should link to a donation page that connects with your organization’s CRM platform. Most CRM platforms have built-in payment processor capabilities, so you just need to decide which one is best for your needs.

Social media

Social media is also an important digital tool to keep in your marketing and fundraising arsenal. Create a visually appealing social media post urging donors to give and link to your organization’s donation page. You should also share the campaigns you’re running so donors feel a sense of urgency to support you.


Sending out emails through your email marketing platform can be an excellent way to raise funds quickly. Make sure the subject line is concise, honest, and intriguing. You should also provide a link to your donation page to minimize the work the recipient needs to do in order to donate.

Direct mail

Some people prefer to make a donation by mail. In an effort to save on supplies and postage, create a special list in your CRM to manage those who prefer filling out direct mail donation request forms over going to your website to make a donation.

Other online fundraising portfolio ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to engaging with donors and creating online fundraising campaigns that encourage them to reach out to others in their social circles to support your cause.

Here is a look at some ideas you can incorporate into your fundraising portfolio.

  • Monthly giving program. Inspire supporters to donate to your nonprofit through a monthly giving program, in which small amounts of money are given on an ongoing monthly basis. Monthly giving is ideal for those who want to donate but can’t afford to make a big contribution all at once or those who don’t want to have to remember to go to your website each month in order to contribute.
  • Online merchandise. Sell branded items on your website to bring in more money for your organization. Merchandisers often offer deep discounts to nonprofit organizations when you bulk order items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, or other promotional merchandise.
  • Events. Host special events throughout the year to generate support and funds for all the wonderful things your organization does.

Remember: You want to make it as easy as possible for donors to give online. The more avenues you give them to donate, the better.

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