Donation Button

A quick button and pop-up that keeps donors on your website. Better experience, more donations.

Pop-up donation form that keeps donors on your website

In just a few seconds, donors can fill out this donation form and return right to where they were on your website.

donate button opening into donate window

Design, copy, and paste

Our step-by-step editor allows you to easily make your donation button and pop-up that fit not only your branding but your specific campaign needs. Once you’ve finalized your button, simply copy and paste some code into your website, or pass it along to your web developer.

Customizable for every situation

Use your website to describe your fundraising program, then customize your button and pop-up for the perfect donor experience. Is this program recurring? No problem. Want the option to give only 3 gift amounts? Sure thing. Create just the right donation experience necessary to remove barriers from your donors.

Works on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and more

The Donation Button can be embedded simply into many of the most popular website platforms. Kindful creates the code for you to copy, and you just have to paste it into your website.

With a bit of web development know-how, the Donation Button can also be used on other website platforms.