Want To Keep Your Nonprofit Fundraisers Happy? Have Them Spend More Time With Donors.

KindfulSeptember 24, 2019

Want To Keep Your Nonprofit Fundraisers Happy? Have Them Spend More Time With Donors. header image

According to a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy survey of 1,035 fundraisers in the United States and Canada, 51% of fundraisers plan to leave their jobs within the next two years.

Their reasons? The survey showed:

  • 84 percent of fundraisers said they felt “tremendous pressure to succeed” in their role.
  • 55 percent said they “often feel unappreciated” in their work.

This is unfortunate news. But is it surprising?

Considering that 93 percent of survey participants said they “couldn’t work for a charity if they didn’t have a strong connection to the cause,” it makes sense that the fundraisers would feel that “tremendous pressure to succeed.” They believe in the cause and they know how much every single dollar counts when it comes to carrying out that mission. The stakes are high, and they have a vital role to play in making sure objectives are met (and dollars are raised).

Why Your Fundraisers Should Spend More Time With Your Donors

So, how can you show your appreciation for your employees? There are two interesting statistics from the survey that might hold the answer:

  • 78 percent said they wished they had more time to spend meeting with supporters.
  • Supporters want more information on their gifts’ impact, according to 92 percent of participants

If your donors want more information about where their money is going and your fundraisers want to spend more time with donors, you might want to consider tapping your employees to communicate that information to them.

Think about it: Your relationships with your donors are everything. In theory, your employees are some of your most enthusiastic and knowledgeable supporters. They’re some of your best advocates. Who better to communicate the impact a donation will have on the organization than them?

Here are some questions to think about:

  • Can you put a system in place where your fundraisers get more time to talk to and interact with donors?
  • How can you set this up in a way that communicates to your employees how much you appreciate the vital role they play in the success of the organization?
  • Can part of that time be spent on sharing specifics about how donations impact your organization’s mission? If so, how can this be a meaningful experience for both the fundraiser and the donor?
  • What other opportunities can you create for fundraisers to interact with donors?

The more proactive you are, the better chance you have of retaining your employees and keeping them happy at your organization. So take action and let them know just how much you appreciate the work they’re putting in to make the world a better place!

Want to learn more about the survey? You can find that information here.

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