Your Relationships With Your Donors Are Everything. That’s Why Your Nonprofit CRM Is So Important.

If you work for a nonprofit, you understand how important maintaining positive donor relationships is to the success of your fundraising initiatives. That’s why having a comprehensive, easy-to-use constituent relationship management (CRM) software tool is so important.

If you’re in the market for one or are looking to switch to a different nonprofit CRM tool, here are two things to keep in mind.

1. Your donors are people.

Because so much of the fundraising experience is managed online, it can be easy to forget your donors are real people. Too often, they become numbers in a system or names in a database.

You know they’re more than that. Your donors have families, jobs, and dreams. They care about causes, and they give to organizations they support.

Your nonprofit CRM should have features that help you keep that in mind. One feature Kindful offers, for example, is our

We’re continuously looking for ways to create a more useful space for nonprofits to better manage and engage their donors. Our recently updated and mobile-optimized Contact Profiles include easy-to-use tabs and high-level contribution overviews for more streamlined workflows, as well as a visual approach that allows for more clarity and action.

Our CRM solution seamlessly works with all your fundraising tools, which means you’ll spend less time doing administrative tasks and more time engaging your donors and focusing on your mission.

2. The relationship with the donor is the most important thing to keep in mind.

To be in a relationship with your donor means designing things with them in mind. Whether you’re making decisions about the type of fundraising collateral to create, the content you want to share online, or the events you’re inviting them to, everything should map back to the donor, who they are, and what they want.

As with any healthy and successful relationship, you should check in with your donors often and provide value to them.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few reflection questions to help you evaluate your relationships:

  1. When was the last time we reached out to the donor with something other than a fundraising request?
  2. How have we kept them in mind as people as opposed to numbers in a system?
  3. Is there anything we can do to show them how much we appreciate them? How can we do this on an ongoing basis?
  4. If we were in their position, what would we want to hear, see, or learn about the organization?

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