5 Tips to Prepare For #GivingTuesday

Jared EversNovember 07, 2017

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#GivingTuesday has the ability to benefit any organization or community across the globe. But for that to happen, you need a strategy!

Double the Donation cited advice from over 30 experts on how nonprofits can make #GivingTuesday a hit. In that article, Julia Campbell, Founder of JC Social Marketing, suggests, “Plan for the day as you would a big in-person fundraising event, with tasks, deadlines and responsibilities…get a group involved and form a #GivingTuesday committee!”

So, it’s time to plan! Here are 5 things you shouldn’t miss.

1. Start communicating – now

Social media is a quick and easy way to engage your supporters. Sharing updates, success stories, and appreciation leading up to November 28th is key.

As the big day approaches, encourage all your supporters – volunteers, board members, staff, family, and friends – to spread the word about your #GivingTuesday campaign on social media.

2. Don’t leave money behind

Matching gifts are often forgotten about. Make a plan to ensure all matching gifts from companies are collected. Additionally, invite your corporate sponsors and partnerships to match all donations (or up to a certain amount) made on #GivingTuesday. Reach out to new businesses and asking them to match employee gifts.

3. Show your gratitude

What are you doing on the big day to thank your supporters? Have an outreach plan in place for thanking all supporters, big and small.

4. Think big and out of the box

The purpose of #GivingTuesday is to celebrate generosity. Think of non-monetary ways supporters can donate their time, talent, or resources. A great example is Hands on Nashville’s #Givingtuesday 2013 campaign. Instead of focusing on monetary donations, they held a city-wide bike drive that collected over 115 bikes. They repaired the bikes and gave them to kids in the community as part of their RECYCLE program.

5. Donor cultivation

#GivingTuesday is more than just one day. It’s part of a bigger picture of building relationships. Sarah Ford, Associate Marketing Manager for America’s Charities says: “#GivingTuesday… is by no means a one-day event. It is a movement to encourage giving and celebrate philanthropy.” What are you going to do after the date to cultivate the attitudes and actions of your supporters?


#GivingTuesday is a fantastic way for you to take advantage of a national movement to build regional awareness. Remember, these opportunities may not always drive the most revenue, but the non-financial engagement and outreach holds significant value for future engagement. Make sure you include clear calls to actions for collecting names and e-mails that you can engage for future events and fundraisers.

Here’s to a solid #GivingTuesday!

Interested in learning more about #GivingTuesday? We’ve created this guide to help you have success on #GivingTuesday and the rest of the year.

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