Event Management for Nonprofits

What Is Nonprofit Event Management?

Events are a way for nonprofits to network with potential donors, share their mission with the public, and raise funds. Event management ensures the event goes off without a hitch. The term often encompasses other aspects of managing events, such as event registration, event ticketing, and more.

Nonprofit event management involves doing things like:

  • selling tickets and collecting RSVPs for an event
  • sending important updates about the function to confirmed attendees
  • tracking attendee information
  • validating tickets at the time of the eventv

Fundraising Event Software

Fundraising event software is also known as event registration software or event management software. Fundraising event software is one of many online fundraising tools to help organizations manage ticketing, RSVPs, online bids for auctions, and more. There are several feature-packed event registration software options that nonprofits can use like Eventbrite and TicketSpice. Other nonprofits may have a donor management software or nonprofit CRM with a built-in event management feature.

Bottom Line

Nonprofit event management incorporates everything nonprofits need to make sure their functions are successful.

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