Why Harvest107 decided Kindful was the best fit for their nonprofit.


Harvest107 needed the ability to quickly create fundraising campaigns that matched their brand. “The most important part of any web application [is] the frontend user interface (what our donors see and navigate through when they visit our website),” says Executive Director, Gary Pfaff. “We spent hours and hours trying to make NeonCRM integrations match our brand – it was impossible. The system simply doesn’t offer an easy way to make forms look great.”

Their CRM also needed to offer donors a clean, simple, and secure experience. Harvest107 wanted a simple and intuitive experience for donors logging into their accounts. With NeonCRM, “there was just no simple solution to allow donors to update their credit card and contact information,” explains Gary.

Because of these frustrations, Harvest107 decided to look for a different solution. That’s where Kindful comes in.

Making the Switch

Harvest107 was using an application outside of NeonCRM to create donation forms. They’d have to link them to a payment processor, and then import that data into NeonCRM. This lengthy process was extremely inefficient. Gary states, “Kindful instantly solved this [problem] with their campaign creation and integration piece as well as their new widget plugin. Now with Kindful, anyone in our organization can create stunning campaigns and launch them on our website without any coding or web design knowledge. That saves us time and money!”

Kindful also integrates with every other software Harvest107 is using, from finance to marketing. And while NeonCRM offered Harvest107 no simple solution to allow donors to update their credit card or contact information, Gary explains, “Kindful came ‘out of the box’ with a simple account login link that our donors love”.

Kindful + Harvest107

For Harvest 107, switching to Kindful meant a better experience not only for their staff, but for their donors as well. “Since switching to Kindful, we have received numerous complimentary emails about our new donation system.” Gary knows firsthand what it’s like to be behind the technology curve. It’s the plight of many nonprofits – but it doesn’t have to be. “You cannot compare the two experiences – they are totally different. Kindful is a superior solution as NeonCRM is simply outdated. In Kindful, the backend interface is easy to use and full of detail. The frontend user experience is secure, clean, and looks great. What more could we ask for at this (or any) price point.”


I’m a completely satisfied customer. Maybe I don’t have any complaints because I can tell by recent updates that Kindful is nowhere close to finished with improving their product.

Gary Pfaff, Executive Director, Harvest107

Putting Customers First

Gary’s totally right: we’re working hard to keep customers like Gary satisfied, and to even wow them from time to time. We don’t take our customers for granted, and we’re proud to support tons of folks just like Gary who have chosen to join the Kindful family.

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