5 Tips For Making Your Nonprofit Website Mobile Friendly

KindfulJune 09, 2016

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These days, everyone in the world – including your nonprofit donors – are becoming more reliant on mobile information sharing and less reliant on desktops and even laptops. The question is not whether to make your nonprofit more accessible to mobile users, but how to make it happen efficiently and effectively.

In this post, we’ll give you 5 tips to making sure your nonprofit website is optimized for mobile friendliness.

1. Recognize the Rule of the Thumb

Nobody likes to grasp their iPhone with both hands just to navigate your site or online donation page. That’s why you must make sure your site is navigable on mobile, using a single thumb. No pinches, no gestures, nothing complicated. This should go for every nonprofit space you manage, including your blog and any other older internet space.

2. Make it Responsive

Responsive websites scale to the dimensions and settings of any device they’re viewed upon. This was a new idea a few years back and is now used by pretty much everyone, including site builders like WordPress and Squarespace and email marketing solutions like Emma and Mailchimp. Does your nonprofit website work this way? If you’re not responsive for mobile devices, it’s time to update.

3. Keep it Brief

You know what’s hard to read on mobile devices? Walls of text! Don’t drone on. Keep it short and simple, for easy mobile viewing.

4. Compress Your Images and Videos

The US can be pretty sluggish when it comes to mobile and internet speeds. Lots of mobile users also don’t have reliable access to 4G, and may run out of data fast even if they do. You can help these mobile users to be able to actually use and see your stuff by using compression algorithms that optimize content for easy mobile viewing.

5. Test it Out

There are a lot of other techniques for mobile viewing precision. But before you get caught up in the technical weeds of coding languages and compression codecs, just try your nonprofit’s website out for yourself. Do they work well on mobile? Compare your blog’s functionality to that of Facebook. Is it about the same or does it leave something to be desired? Is it possible to make an online donation from an iPhone? If not, make it happen!

Mobile devices are the go-to for communicating with our community, making new friends, and taking part in global conversations. If your nonprofit isn’t up to snuff in the new mobile world, you’re in danger of getting left behind. The good news is it’s not hard to upgrade. Just by having awareness of the problem, you can make sure that all future efforts will work well on mobile.

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