How To Find The Donors Most Likely To Give To Your Organization

KindfulAugust 09, 2019

ideal prospective donor

Someone offers to cover the expenses for you to throw a fundraising dinner. The catch? It’s tonight and you only have 50 seats.

Who would you invite and why?

When it comes to fundraising, you can’t afford to leave a wealth of information on the table. You have to know who these prospects are. That’s why learning about prospect research and utilizing tools that can help you reach qualified prospects is so important.

According to DonorSearch, prospect research is “a technique used by fundraisers, development teams, and nonprofit organizations to learn more about their donors.”

The more you know about your donors, the better positioned you’ll be to evaluate their ability to give (capacity) and warmth (affinity) toward your organization.

In short, if you want to identify high-impact donors within your current donor pool or in your local community, prospect research is the way to go.

Back to those 50 people sitting at the table: When you conduct prospect research, your guest list choices will be informed by their personal backgrounds, past giving histories, wealth indicators, philanthropic motivations, and other affiliations. This is especially useful information to gather because these things can predict how likely the person is to contribute to your organization.

With our fully integrated Wealth Insights Tool, identifying the prospects who are most likely to make significant gifts to your organization – and at what amount – just got a whole lot easier.

Through our one-of-a-kind partnership with DonorSearch, Kindful automatically screens your organization’s donors utilizing the largest charitable giving database in existence.

More than simply wealth data, this tool performs a philanthropic deep dive that goes beyond the capacity to give and provides actionable insights into their likelihood to give.

By eliminating the guesswork and taking full advantage of this publicly available information, your organization will be able to save time and raise more funds with confidence.

If you want to learn more about prospect research, download our ebook. This free guide goes into more detail about how prospect research can maximize your fundraising efforts.

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