Tap your donor potential with Wealth Insights.

Target the right contacts, identify major gift opportunities, and make the right ask.

Wealth Insights data like real estate and charitable giving info next to recent activity

Lean on live, integrated wealth screening data to make effective asks.

Layering wealth data on top of your up-to-date contacts and giving history makes sophisticated fundraising accessible for everyone. Every day new data is processed, giving you a precise picture of the donors that can make a monumental difference.

Detailed wealth data on a contact's record

View comprehensive wealth data on any of your constituents.

From real estate and business interests to political and charitable support, Wealth Insights pulls a complete financial picture of your donors together. Knowing more about your donor’s wealth and contribution history enables you to request gifts that are comfortable and right for the recipient.

Capacity to Give links to a list of donors that you can reach out to right away

Get outreach lists that streamline your fundraising efforts in minutes.

In just one click, you can see a list of donors that have capacity to give certain amounts over the next five years, or see who has the propensity to give at least $5,000 today. The right list means you can reach out intelligently and secure a major gift in less time.

Use filtering to target a precise list with Wealth Insights

Target a list of potential major donors with precise detail.

Wealth Insights is even more powerful when combined with the rest of your donor data. Using Kindful’s contact filtering, you can generate the perfect outreach lists in no time.

Locate high propensity donors that have lapsed in the last two years, and send them an email, letter, and call in one step. Or send them over to your major gifts officers by putting them in a group by region and assigning a task.

With the data in your hands, the possibilities are endless.

Kindful's Wealth Insights screening tool is powered by DonorSearch

Built on industry-leading software by DonorSearch.

Because Kindful’s Wealth Insights utilizes DonorSearch’s industry-leading data, your records are kept up to date. And since data is compiled with public-facing information, you can be confident about the maintained privacy of your donors.

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