Wealth Insights

Access your donors giving history, wealth details, and likelihood to give all in one place.

Meaningful and easy to understand wealth data

Sifting through hundreds of wealth data fields can be daunting and confusing, which is why the Kindful team worked with industry leaders to identify the most meaningful data points to bring forward. Now you can stop worrying about which wealth data provider to use and focus on making more informed donor asks.

Prospect with confidence

It’s now easier than ever to understand your donors’ propensity to give and to see whether or not they’ve given to other organizations like yours in the past. Additionally, by upgrading to our optional wealth offerings, you will have access to even more granular wealth data and the ability to utilize more advanced filtering and reporting options.

Automated screening

Each time you enter a new contact, Kindful automatically screens them for associated wealth data. We also know that things can change, so all contacts are rescreened regularly to keep your donor records up to date.

Data you can trust

We’ve partnered with DonorSearch as our wealth data provider. They provide accurate and actionable information to identify your best prospective major gift donors, annual fund donors, and planned gift donors. DonorSearch has proven to be the gold standard of wealth data providers, with a charitable giving database of 150+ million records.

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