What to expect

In this webinar, volunteer management experts from Golden will share key themes from their volunteer retention statistics. They will discuss how retention starts with the initial recruitment and sign-up process through channels like your website, social media, and direct mail. They will also share how re-activating an existing volunteer is more valuable than recruiting a new volunteer.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What statistics say about the best volunteer recruitment strategies
  • How to recruit volunteers on your website, social media, and direct mail
  • How to write a volunteer opportunity description that’s clear and concise
  • What to say in your volunteer thank you email and when to send it
  • How to find more volunteers in your donor database

Presented by Stephen Sherrill

Headshot of Stephe Sherrill, COO of Golden

Steve Sherrill is the Chief Operating Officer at Golden, a volunteer management software company. He started his career as a volunteer coordinator on political campaigns and went on to serve in the NYC Mayor’s Office for five years as a Senior Policy Advisor focusing on sustainability, communications infrastructure and disaster response. Steve works closely with many of Golden’s national enterprise clients and oversees the data analytics and product development teams. He’s most excited about helping open doors for people to engage in their communities for the first time (and the second and third times!).