Easily post volunteer opportunities and automatically track program data. Integrate Golden with Kindful to keep volunteer hours current in real-time.

Why Golden

Golden is the #1 volunteering app on iOS and Android. In under a minute, you can post Golden Opportunities that reach thousands of the right volunteers, instantly collect signups and perform background checks, automatically track attendance, collect volunteer feedback, and visualize trends about your volunteer program.

Why Integrate

When we say Kindful is the hub for all your data, that includes volunteer data, too! Any volunteer hours spent by someone in your database get logged with that contact. This means you can easily filter for volunteers, gauge their involvement, and forecast based on historical participation.

Your Golden + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Sync volunteer opportunities with your Kindful database
  • Automatically update volunteer records with opportunities completed, hours accrued, and value of volunteer time contributed
  • Share Golden Opportunity and Organization links anywhere you wish to collect sign-ups
  • Keep Kindful up to date with volunteer background check statuses
  • Create Kindful reports based on volunteer contributions