[Webinar Recap] Build Your Best Nonprofit Website

July 24, 2017

Last week, we published a webinar with our friends at SnapShot Interactive, “Build Your Best Nonprofit Website.” In case you missed it, or if you’d like the cliff-notes version, here are the key takeaways that every nonprofit needs to know when building a killer website.

Giving trends they are a changing. Here’s some proof.
  • Overall online revenue grew by 14% over 2015 totals with monthly giving growing at a rate of 23%.
  • 3.6% increase in nonprofit website visitors per month.
  • Mobile giving increase 205% in the past year.
  • Website conversion rate (the percentage of website visitors who made a gift) was up 8%.


A good website doesn’t just look pretty, but is optimized to drive visitors through a crafted experience and path towards your desired engagement.


Clear messaging and calls to action are critical in driving web conversions (email sign-ups, donations, etc.)


Use new data to your advantage. Build your website to be tested and optimized in an ongoing way, utilizing tools like Optimizely and Google Analytics.


Don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile.

51% of people visit a nonprofit’s website on a mobile device according to @Pay


Building your BEST nonprofit website doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Learn more about industry best practices and helpful insight into crafting your website to best suit your organization’s needs by watching the full webinar.


Schedule a live demo with our team, and we’ll show you how easy it is to create and automate reports, utilize online and offline fundraising tools, quickly integrate and access all your data, and ultimately create more time to engage your donors.