Mail Merge

Send personalized bulk mailings to your supporters.

Send to your entire list, specific people, or a saved group

With just 3 steps, you can press Select All, then Mail Merge, and choose your template to be printed. If you need to isolate specific supporters, you can use Kindful’s powerful filtering tools to search for the exact list you need.

Saved groups will save you time, as you can open that group and select Mail Merge over and over again. Great for a list of recurring donors, major givers, or volunteers.

Personalize your mailers

Create your own mailer templates that include customizable fields. Kindful can automatically insert names, last gift amounts, year totals, open pledges, and a variety of other fields. After you create your mail merge, these fields will fill in with that donor’s specific details without any extra work.

Download and print letters, labels, and envelopes

Not only does Kindful’s Mail Merge feature allow you to customize and print letters, but you can also download files to print on #9 envelopes or Avery 5160 labels.

Keep track of sent mailers for every single contact

After you’ve sent your mailers, you can confirm they’ve been sent in Kindful. For every recipient on this list, an activity item will automatically be logged on their record to show they’ve been sent that mailer.

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