[Webinar] Standing Out In The Inbox

April 21, 2020

Tips And Tricks On How To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Email Marketing Results

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In our current climate, it’s harder than ever to effectively communicate via email. With social distancing being the norm, more and more organizations are relying on email as their main mode of communication, and, in turn, your constituents’ inboxes are fuller than ever.

In this highly interactive session, Brady Josephson, Managing Director at NextAfter Institute, and Bradley Martin, Sr. Director of Customer Acquisition at Kindful, share the trends they have seen, tips they have learned, and answer live questions from nonprofit professionals around how to make your email marketing more effective.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn the latest email marketing trends
  • See examples of good and bad emails being sent by other nonprofits (and what makes them good or bad)
  • Be able to get live feedback on your emails. After you register we will send you an email on how you can submit your email for feedback

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