Social Media Marketing 101: How Do You Repurpose Content?

Steven ShattuckMay 05, 2016

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Today’s nonprofits can’t survive without a social media marketing strategy. Whether it’s an advanced Twitter posting schedule or even the occasional targeted Facebook appeal, great social media campaigns aren’t just a nice addition to your overall online fundraising strategy, they’re vital to its health.

But when it comes to posting on social media, how much is enough? And how much is too much?

Remember the Harlem Shake? A hilarious and entertaining idea at first, but after watching what felt like the 200th version, it started to sound like nails on a chalkboard, right? Even the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – that gold standard for nonprofit social media campaigns – started to lose its appeal after a while.

Finding the sweet spot for repeating and reusing content on social media can be a bit tricky, but it certainly isn’t rocket science. Follow these four simple tips to make sure you’re doing enough to stay at the forefront of your audiences’ mind without being so annoying that they click “unsubscribe.”

1. Focus on Branding.

One of the best ways to develop a recognizable nonprofit is to focus on the nuts and bolts of branding. Logos are one of the only things that can be present in every piece of content without feeling overdone or obnoxious. Invest in a logo that provides a memorable visual for your nonprofit and doesn’t fade into the endless stream of images on social media. Choose colors and striking images to give your media presence personality and establish a brand that always looks familiar without becoming redundant.

2. Have Something to Say.

There is nothing worse than email marketing content that is full of fluff. Make every fundraising campaign count with meaningful content, whether it’s an entire blog post or just one tagline. Ground your content in the work you’re accomplishing in the real world and use your data to craft a story that has an emotional impact. That way, even when you repurpose content, it will be content that continually draws people into your mission.

3. Repeat the Right Stuff.

Slogans and phraseology are important for establishing a known brand without feeling too repetitive. Identify a few words or phrases that drive your online fundraising and pepper them throughout your writing. Repeating a familiar statement in diverse content can keep your story fresh while driving home the point to you want to get across.

4. Find What Works for YOU.

Social media may be designed to give everyone the same tools, but the way it’s used will always be unique for you. Get familiar with built-in analytics on Facebook and Twitter and start tracking your online successes (and setbacks) with platforms like Google Analytics. These tools provide the data you need to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns and achieve smarter donor engagement on the web. Use that data to create content modeled after what works best and safeguard your organization from what’s annoyingly repetitive.

At the end of the day, creating great social media campaigns requires content that is adaptable and easy to repurpose without going stale. It may seem complex, but with compelling branding, thoughtful content, and a little bit of common sense you can achieve great things. And with Kindful’s full suite of email marketing and automation integrations, you can create a social media strategy that automatically syncs with your donor database and gives you the full picture to keep content fresh and familiar. Interested in talking with a Kindful expert about how an integrated CRM software can change your fundraising game? Get in touch today!

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