Mental Health Awareness Month: 10 Nonprofits Advocating For Change

KindfulMay 01, 2021

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This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re proud to highlight the innovative and impactful work of these Kindful customers. On this page, you’ll find their missions and ways to support their important work, as well as some resources for nonprofit professionals.

Adolescent Counseling Services
mental health awareness month

Mission: Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS) empowers youth in our community to find their way through social-emotional support and by building safe, accepting communities.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Redwood City, CA

How To Support Adolescent Counseling Services

Learn more about Adolescent Counseling Center

Colorado Mental Wellness Network

Mission: Through education and advocacy, the Colorado Mental Wellness Network seeks to provide opportunities for individuals to improve the quality of their lives, give back to the community through meaningful roles, and to change the perceptions of mental health.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Denver, CO

How To Support Colorado Mental Wellness Network

Learn more about Colorado Mental Wellness Network

Laughs for the Troops


Mission: Under the Laughs for the Troops umbrella, you will find many other great programs to help our veterans, increase awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), raise funds, and recruit volunteers.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Riverview, FL

How To Support Laughs for the Troops

Learn more about Laughs for the Troops

Next Rung

Mission: Next Rung exists to make an impact in the lives of firefighters and first responders. Their goal is to provide quality resources that will help combat mental health issues that plague their profession.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Covington, GA

How To Support Next Rung

Learn more about Next Rung

Porter’s Call


Mission: Porter’s Call is a place where artists can find counsel, support, and encouragement, specifically attuned to their unique profession. It’s a safe and confidential refuge where they can deal with the issues and stresses they face in their careers and personal lives. And the services are provided at no charge.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Franklin, TN

How To Support Porter’s Call

Learn more about Porter’s Call

Robbie’s Hope

Mission: Robbie’s Hope is an uprising of teens to help other teens. They’ve made it their mission to stop the suicide epidemic that’s taking the lives of their friends. Their goal is to cut teen suicide rates in half by 2028.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Wheat Ridge, CO

How To Support Robbie’s Hope

Learn more about Robbie’s Hope


Mission: STARS’s mission is to help young people pursue their unlimited potential by providing hope, health, and connection. 

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Nashville, TN

How To Support STARS

Learn more about STARS

Tacoma Recovery Center and Café

Mission: The Tacoma Recovery Center and Café is a community of women and men impacted by substance disorders, addiction, homelessness, PTSD, and other mental health challenges. Their mission is to provide a safe environment where individuals with shared experiences provide hope, restoration, and resources that lead their members to a life unexpected.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Tacoma, WA

How To Support Tacoma Recovery Center and Café

Learn more about Tacoma Recovery Center and Café

The Speedy Foundation

Mission: The Speedy Foundation’s mission is to prevent suicide, support mental health education, and promote conversations to end stigma. The Speedy Foundation raises funds for, and collaborates with, other advocacy groups to achieve their mission.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Boise, ID

How To Support The Speedy Foundation

Learn more about The Speedy Foundation

Youth Homes

Mission: Youth Homes empowers and supports current and former foster youth, young adults with complex behavioral health challenges, and under-resourced children at risk of entering the foster care system.

We are fiercely committed to creating opportunities for youth to process and heal from trauma, develop self-sufficiency and confidence, build supportive networks, and create healthy, safe, and meaningful lives.

Impacting: Mental health

Headquarters in: Concord, CA

How To Support Youth Homes

Learn more about Youth Homes

Resources for nonprofits

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