Coronavirus Resources for Nonprofit Organizations (COVID-19)

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we want to provide nonprofit organizations with resources they may find helpful as they navigate fundraising during a time of economic uncertainty.

We will update this list as we create new resources and source them from other trusted groups, nonprofits, and businesses.

In this resource guide:

How Nonprofits & Other Organizations Are Responding

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In a time of unprecedented challenges for nonprofits, it’s helpful to know what resources are available from other nonprofits and organizations. Several organizations have put together guides on what to do in the wake of the outbreak. We’re sharing a few of them here:

  1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  2. Council of Nonprofits
  3. Washington Nonprofits

Because many people are working remotely right now, we also put together 11 tips for working from home in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Mental health nonprofit To Write Love On Her Arms put together a landing page with self-care tips that might be useful for your team.

For current customers, please see Kindful’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

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Fundraising & Donor Relations During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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With the economic uncertainty that comes with the coronavirus outbreak, many nonprofits are left wondering how this will affect their fundraising efforts. You might be asking: Is it appropriate to ask for donations in the midst of a pandemic? Should I be reallocating my organization’s funds to populations that are affected by COVID-19? Do we need to consider alternative fundraising strategies like peer-to-peer fundraising?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. This is an unprecedented time for nonprofits, and it can be hard to know how to even maintain relationships with your donors. That’s why we’re compiling our favorite resources on how to fundraise in the time of coronavirus and still be able to connect with your donors—including virtual fundraising ideas and tips.

  1. [Webinar] A Panel Discussion: How To Fundraise During The Coronavirus Outbreak
    In this panel discussion with industry-leading experts, we discussed the biggest trends we’ve found with traditional and online fundraising, what they’re most concerned with, and what resources they’re looking for during this time.

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  2. Amy Eisenstein: How To Manage Your Fundraising During the Coronavirus Crisis
    Nonprofit consultant Amy Eisenstein shares her tips on how fundraisers can adapt to connecting with their donors when face-to-face interactions are no longer possible.
  3. Gail Perry: Coronavirus and Fundraising: What to Expect and How to Prepare
    Fundraising consultant Gail Perry shares grounding and reassuring expectations for professional fundraisers.
  4. 6 Ways Fundraisers Can Connect With Their Donors Without Meeting In Person
    With restrictions on in-person events and personal meetings, most nonprofits are going to have to shift how they connect with their donors. In this article, we offer six ways you can still build relationships with your donors when you can’t meet face-to-face.
  5. Soapbox Engage: 20 Virtual Fundraising Ideas During COVID-19
    If you’re looking for some ideas to spark your creativity, Soapbox Engage updated a list of virtual fundraising ideas to help you get started. Try out one of their’s, or use it as a jumping off point for your own virtual fundraiser!
  6. How To Plan A Virtual Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Event
    In a time when traditional fundraising strategies like in-person asks and in-person events aren’t possible, many nonprofits are turning to peer-to-peer fundraising as an alternative. We put together a guide on how you can leverage your supporters’ networks to raise funds and awareness for your organization—all completely online.
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    Using Virtual Events Instead Of In-Person Fundraising Events

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    One of the most significant challenges that nonprofits have had to face with the coronavirus outbreak is changing plans for their in-person events. Oftentimes, in-person fundraising events are a significant source of funds for nonprofits, but with recommendations to limit the in-person gatherings, nonprofits have had to make changes.

    One way that nonprofits are adjusting is by using online fundraising tools like virtual events to raise funds. If your organization has had to cancel an event or is considering canceling your event, we recommend these resources.

    1. OneCause: [Webinar] The Essentials of Virtual Fundraising
      Our friends at OneCause hosted a timely webinar that will discuss how nonprofits can remain flexible in today’s changing landscape and find new ways to continue fundraising. They will discuss virtual & online as an alternative strategy to traditional events.
    2. Watch Now

    3. [Webinar] Turning Your Canceled Event Into A Successful Virtual Fundraising Opportunity
      We hosted four panelists who work with nonprofit organizations to share ideas for how fundraisers can shift their in-person events to virtual fundraising opportunities. The panelists include Kelly Velasquez-Hague (OneCause), Sandy Rees (Get Fully Funded), Jared Delong (Kindful), and Bradley Martin (Kindful).

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    4. Classy*: From In-Person to Virtual: How To Maximize Your Fundraising Event Revenue

      “Unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, like the evolving concerns around COVID-19 (coronavirus), can seriously limit your in-person initiatives. A virtual element allows you to keep your event up and running—and potentially even raise more money.”

    5. Pat’s Run: The Mission Will Go On

      Here’s a look at how Pat Tillman Foundation* turned their in-person event into a virtual run.

    6. Get Fully Funded: How to Salvage Your Fundraising Event During the COVID 19 Crisis
      In this article, nonprofit consultant Sandy Rees shares tips and fundraising ideas for nonprofits looking to make alternative arrangements for their events.
    7. 702 Nonprofit Professionals Tell Us How COVID-19 Is Affecting Nonprofit Events [Survey Results]
      We recently surveyed 702 nonprofit professionals to see how they and their organizations are responding to COVID-19. In this article, we share how the coronavirus outbreak has affected nonprofit events. Read to the end for a free infographic download.

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    Nonprofit Email Communication During COVID-19

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    You’ve probably received dozens of emails from organizations and companies that you follow with information on how they’re responding to the coronavirus outbreak. This might leave you wondering: Does my organization need to communicate with our supporters about the coronavirus? If so, how can I stand out in their inboxes?

    Here are our favorite resources on COVID email communication to help your nonprofit create a plan that’s flexible, addresses your organization’s goals, and anticipates your donors’ needs.

    1. Nonprofit Communication Tips For The Coronavirus Outbreak
      Our four tips for communicating with your audience, including email examples from nonprofits and other companies so you can see what others are doing.
    2. Classy: 7 Emails Your Nonprofit Can Send During the COVID-19 Outbreak
      Classy* shares seven different ways you can communicate with your audience through email (including examples).
    3. Kindful + NextAfter: The State of Nonprofit Email Cultivation
      While this comprehensive research report isn’t explicitly focused on COVID, it does provide general email principles that are critical for nonprofit email marketing. Get a free download to see insightful data including when to send emails and when to ask for donations.

      Download Email Cultivation Report

    4. NextAfter: Coronavirus Nonprofit Email Volume Trends
      From the same organization that produced The State of Nonprofit Email Cultivation, NextAfter gathered actionable data from real nonprofits to determine how the COVID outbreak is affecting nonprofit email trends.

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    How You Can Support Coronavirus Fundraising Efforts

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    Finally, many are simply wondering how to support the ongoing efforts to fight coronavirus. We’ve found resources that outline the organizations that are on the frontlines of the pandemic, including advice on how you can help.

    1. Classy* put together a blog post highlighting different organizations you can support.
    2. Seattle Foundation created the COVID-19 Response Fund to “provide flexible resources to organizations working with communities who are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus the economic consequences of the outbreak.”

    *indicates this organization is a Kindful customer or integration partner

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    Not sure where to start? Check out our next guide on peer-to-peer fundraising to find the resources you need to plan and execute a peer-to-peer fundraiser virtually.

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