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Webinar 09/25/17

The State of Marketing 2017

Yesterday we chatted with Emma about The State of Marketing 2017: Marketers... Read More

[Webinar Recap] 3 Ideas for Maximizing Travel at Your Auction header image

Webinar 09/15/17

3 Ideas for Maximizing Travel at Your Auction

Travel packages are some of the most popular items sold at auctions.... Read More

[Webinar Recap] Engaging Donors to be Lifetime Advocates header image

Webinar 08/17/17

Engaging Donors to be Lifetime Advocates

Knowing your donors – who they are, why they give to you,... Read More

Webinar 07/13/17

Build Your Best Nonprofit Website with Snapshot

About this webinar In this webinar, you’ll learn best practices for building... Read More

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Webinar 04/25/17

How This Nonprofit Had Their Biggest Peer-To-Peer Fundraiser Ever

In this webinar, see how this nonprofit had their biggest peer-to-peer fundraiser... Read More

Webinar 04/19/17

How to Have Your Best 24-Hour Giving Day

About this webinar Strategies you can use today to have your best... Read More

Webinar 04/05/17

Demystifying Charitable Solicitation Registration

Last week Kindful invited Greg McRay, President and Founder of Foundation Group,... Read More

Webinar 03/30/17

How To Stay Compliant with Charitable Solicitations

Webinar 02/06/17

Turning Advocates Into Donors & Donors Into Advocates

Kindful teamed up with One Click Politics and hosted and Advocacy +... Read More