Fundraising Event

What Is A Fundraising Event?

A fundraising event is an event designed to raise awareness and support for an organization’s mission. Any event can be turned into an opportunity to raise money, including concerts, silent auctions, half marathons, neighborhood cookouts, and more.

Nonprofits use fundraising events to raise money to fuel their missions. Events give donors and other community members the opportunity to engage with nonprofits in an active way, as opposed to simply giving a donation. Getting facetime with donors also gives organizations the chance to reiterate their mission and discuss ways people can get more involved in their work.

Types Of Fundraising & Nonprofit Events

  • Galas
    A gala is a social gathering, typically featuring food, drinks, and entertainment, that is used as an opportunity to raise money for a nonprofit. Gala guests often purchase a ticket or a table in order to attend the event, which is how the nonprofit raises money. Galas may also include other activities, such as a silent auction.
  • Donor Appreciation Event
    Donor appreciation events are completely free to the donors attending. Nonprofits do not sell tickets or ask for donations. Instead, they use the event to express their gratitude to donors, reiterate their mission, and offer suggestions of ways donors can continue to engage with the organization.
  • Auctions
    An auction is a sale at which goods are sold to the highest bidder. Nonprofits hosting an auction seek out donated items from local businesses and then sell them to the highest bidder.
  • Silent Auctions
    Silent auctions follow the same concept as an auction, but instead of an auctioneer announcing and describing each item, items are laid out for attendees to survey and make bids on “silently” by writing their bid on a bid sheet in front of the item.

Types Of Nonprofit Event Software

Event Registration & Event Management Software

  • Eventbrite
    Eventbrite is one of the biggest names in event management. Eventbrite makes it easy to create, promote, and host events. Some of Eventbrite’s stand-out features include event registration and ticketing, social media marketing, and a mobile event app.
  • RedPodium
    RedPodium is an event registration software that prides itself on its low cost and high performance. RedPodium allows users to track conversion rates and traffic sources, sell merchandise, and even encourage registrants to invite their friends through an ambassador program.
  • RegFox
    Event registration software RegFox keeps organizations at the forefront by allowing users to customize their event page with logos, copy, photos, and more. In addition to customization, RegFox offers users real time analytics, social media integration, and a guest check-in feature.
  • MyRollCall
    MyRollCall is a multifaceted event registration and management software with features like complete oversight of third-party-led events, mobile check-in and check-out, and multi-level ticketing.

Online Auction & Bidding Software

  • BidCoz
    BidCoz provides powerful tools for planning and hosting auctions. BidCoz allows users to place bids using text-to-bid while also offering features for more traditional in-person auctions.
  • CharityAuctionsToday
    CharityAuctionsToday has solutions for live and online auctions, including ticketing, guest management, online and live-event bidding, and multiple bidding type options.
  • Auctria
    Auctria offers a helping hand to those hosting auctions, from first donation to final collection. Each user gets their own auction website which they can use to promote their auction, handle ticket sales, acknowledge donors, and more.

Bottom Line

Fundraising events are a fun way to get your donor base more engaged with your organization and mission. From galas to silent auctions, the possibilities are endless when it comes to hosting a fundraising event.