Donor Lifecycle Analytics

With donor lifecycle analytics, you can easily view actionable insights around your donor lifecycle. Get a live pulse on the entirety of your donor journey to improve your acquisition, retention, and donor upgrading.

A Holistic View of the Donor Lifecycle

Truly successful and growing nonprofits don’t focus on a single stage of the lifecycle. They look at its entirety, knowing that each piece influences the other, adding up to the sum of their fundraising.

Kindful’s dashboard gives you a complete view of the donor lifecycle, helping your nonprofit track supporters through every stage.

Acquire New Contacts and Donors

Tracking your new contacts and first-time donors is at the core of fundraising success. Kindful makes it easy to see who needs timely nurturing or an acknowledgment for their gift.

See if you’re hitting your 12-month goals with a live count of new donors over the last year. Click on any of these metrics to see who these people are, and easily create a mail merge, report, or group with this list.

Build Donor Relationships and Retention

Retention has been a staple in the nonprofit world for years. Now you can see how you’re stacking up to retention averages by seeing your rate of retained donors by simply logging in.

Take retention a step further by preventing donors from lapsing. It’s not too late to act on the list of donors about to lapse. See who is about to lapse, and print off a list of phone numbers, create a mail merge, or send them an email with just a few clicks.

Upgrade Donors and Upgrade Impact

Are your donors taking steps forward with your organization? Find out how well you’re nurturing your supporters by seeing how many have given more this year than last.
One click on this metric reveals donors that have upgraded their giving from last year. From this list you can discover giving trends, uncovering tips to optimize across your fundraising efforts.

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