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Donor Acquisition

What Is Donor Acquisition?

Donor acquisition is the process of bringing on new donors or potential donors to your organization via marketing and networking.

How Does Donor Acquisition Come Into Play With The Donor Lifecycle?

Acquisition is the first stage of the donor lifecycle, preceding the retention and upgrade phases. The donor lifecycle builds off of contacts made and donors acquired in the acquisition process.

donor lifecycle chart

Why It Matters

The acquisition phase of the donor lifecycle holds valuable information for nonprofits. First, it indicates how well an organization’s marketing efforts are helping familiarize contacts with the organization, as indicated by things like new contacts adding themselves to your mailing list. This phase also tracks new donors, including when and how much they donate. Based on this information, donors can be more carefully targeted for giving strategies.

Donor Acquisition In Action

Kindful’s dashboard gives you a complete view of your donor lifecycle analytics, helping your nonprofit track supporters through every stage.

Bottom Line

Acquisition is a crucial part of the donor lifecycle as it is the process of bringing in new donors to the organization and making contacts that can potentially turn into donors down the road.

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