Automatic Receipt Emails

Email donation receipts to donors automatically after their donation is submitted.

Create personalized email templates

Using Kindful’s template builder, you can include dynamic content in your donation receipts. Customize the template to include the donor’s name, their lifetime giving amount, pledge balances, tax-deductible amount, and other powerful transaction details. After you set up your template, Kindful will fill in the blanks automatically.

Email donation receipts automatically after an online or offline gift

When donors give through one of Kindful’s donation pages, you can designate a specific email template to automatically fill in their receipt information and send immediately.

Donation receipts can also be set up to be sent immediately after a donation is entered manually. Now your check and cash donations can be receipted without the extra step of writing an email.

Customize your email template for each campaign

To stay organized and track your donations, it’s a great idea to separate campaigns. Whether it’s your building fund, monthly giving program, or gala registrations, you can create separate receipting templates for each campaign, so your gratitude is relevant and personalized.

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