A free report analyzing how 199 nonprofits communicate with donors and subscribers in the first 45 days.

It’s no secret that donor retention is, and has been, one of the biggest challenges that nonprofits face. And even with all the advances in data, analytics, and donor management—organizations are no better at keeping donors today than they were 5 years ago.

One possible reason is that much of the focus has been on fundraising or when, who, and how to ask. But much less has been written and researched around one crucial area that can influence donor engagement and retention: cultivation.

That’s the focus of this brand new research from Kindful and NextAfter that looks at how 199 nonprofits are communicating with their donors and subscribers in their first 45 days with an emphasis on their cultivation strategies.

Some interesting findings from analyzing 2,589 emails to both donors and subscribers include:

  • Only 52% of nonprofits sent a clear confirmation of email signup or cultivation email in the first 2 days
  • 9% of emails were sent from just a person (as opposed to an organization or a person and organization)
  • Just 4.5% of donors received a survey or feedback email

In this free research report, you’ll discover key findings from this analysis of 199 nonprofits and get more answers to questions like:

  • What is the average ratio of cultivation to solicitation emails for donors and subscribers?
  • What types of content are being sent to cultivate new donors and subscribers?
  • When is the most common time and day to send an email?

You’ll also learn tested and proven strategies from real experiments with real organizations that can show you how to improve your cultivation strategies and optimize your email communications.

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