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Charlotte Caples Consulting

Austin, TX

Charlotte is the CEO and Racial Equity Strategist who helps leaders conquer your fears of talking about racism, build confidence to have difficult conversation, create a racially inclusive organizational culture, minimize the costs of racism and risk of being sued while decreasing racial disparities! She believes outcomes should not be predictable by race and that peace, power and prosperity are everyone’s birthright!

Services Offered

Racial Equity Transformation, Revive & Thrive Leadership Development, Strategic Start Assessment

Kishshana & Co

Long Island City, NY

Having amazing talent is the #1 competitive advantage in your business, your institution or your organization. Yet, we treat talent as a nuisance and necessary expense to be controlled instead of an investment to grow. And somehow, complaining about the talent problem has become enough of an effort to solve the talent problem.

I’m determined to help more people stop struggling with being an effective manager and leader and focus on building that talent muscle. And it doesn’t stop in the office. You carry YOU with you everywhere you go!

Services Offered

And Inclusion, Board Governance Training And Retreats, Coaching, Equity, Facilitated Conversations Around Diversity, Staff Retreat Facilitation

Mission Launch

Boulder, CO

Mission Launch is passionate about strong nonprofits. We work to equip organizations to take their missions to the next level through board governance, strategy and planning, fundraising, and equity support.

Services Offered

Board Governance, DEI, Fundraising/development, Meeting Facilitation, Strategic Planning

Payton Place Coaching & Consulting

Memphis, TN

Our primary focus at Payton Place Coaching & Consulting is helping nonprofit sector leaders and professionals improve their leadership capacity. We also create space and opportunity for every client to explore and identify their role in disrupting and improving systems which perpetuate oppression and racial inequality, and how, through allyship and solidarity, they can more effectively advocate for and enrich the lives of historically marginalized groups.

Services Offered

And Coaching Around All Things JEDI/RE, Anti-racist Governance, Customized Consulting Support, Inclusive Leadership, Other Justice-centric Offerings, Training