Kindful + PayPal: Increase Online Donations With Our New Integration!

KindfulMarch 31, 2015

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Online donations are the lifeblood of your organization. Maybe you’ve kicked off an online fundraising campaign with strategic email marketing and peer to peer fundraising. Or maybe you’re raising money offline at an event or through a traditional snail-mail campaign. Regardless of where you’re fundraising, donors are most likely to head online to support your organization. These days, online giving isn’t even just for millennials – donors of all ages are in favor of online giving!

That’s why Kindful and PayPal are teaming up to bring you a comprehensive integration that will give your donors the power to choose their payment option and will give you the power to ensure that your database is always up to date.

Here are our top three favorite features in the brand new Kindful + PayPal Integration:

1. More Payment Options for Your Donors

As a Kindful partner, now you can set up your custom donation pages to include more payment options for your supporters. Maybe donors want to go the traditional route and enter their credit card and billing details every time they give. Or maybe they want to take advantage of PayPal’s streamlined checkout process by automatically linking to saved information and donating directly through their PayPal account. With just one or two clicks, your constituents can make an online donation without even pulling out their wallet! As one of the most trusted names in online transaction processing, PayPal makes it faster, easier and more secure to pay, increasing donations and lowering shopping cart abandonment. And now you can set it up directly from your Kindful dashboard in a matter of minutes – just head to your Settings in Kindful Kindful and click to setup PayPal as a payment gateway.

2. Donors Can Schedule Recurring Donations With One Click

A one-time donation is great, but what if you could give your donors the option of setting up a recurring donation to be pulled at the same time each month directly from their PayPal account? Well now you can! With the Kindful + PayPal integration, donors can set up a recurring gift to be scheduled through Kindful and pulled directly from PayPal on a regular basis. And the best part? Setting up a recurring donation can be done directly from the checkout page with just one click… then you’ll see all that information directly from your Kindful Activities page and in Kindful donor profiles.

3. Automatically integrate to see all PayPal transactions in Kindful

Speaking of donor profiles, did you know that the Kindful + PayPal integration makes sure that all PayPal transactions automatically sync with your donor database? And when we say all transactions sync with Kindful, we mean ALL transactions – whether they happening now or haven’t even started yet! First, when you activate your integration, all of your donors’ historical data will automatically pull from PayPal and be integrated into their Kindful profile, giving you a full picture of their giving history including any transactions that were made through PayPal. Second, all new donations made through your donation page with the PayPal option will instantly sync with Kindful and be reflected on your Activities page – no annoying manual exporting and importing required. Third, all recurring donations to your organization – whether they were set up through your Kindful donation page or directly in PayPal – will be reflected in your donor CRM, showing you all the future donations your supporters have pledged. How’s that for a comprehensive and seamless integration?!

With a powerful integration like this, PayPal for nonprofits with Kindful is great news for all you Kindful users out there… and just one more reason to join the Kindful family if you’re still considering it to streamline your donor management and supercharge your online fundraising. With this brand new integration – which comes standard on every account – you can seamlessly integrate PayPal with your database, giving your constituents more ways to pay and giving you the ability to track all their donations through Kindful’s intuitive and easy to use reporting. Combine the power of PayPal’s trusted transaction processing and Kindful’s donor management and fundraising analytics and exceed your goals.

Schedule a live demo with our partner Bloomerang, and we’ll show you how easy it is to create and automate reports, utilize online and offline fundraising tools, quickly integrate and access all your data, and ultimately create more time to engage your donors.

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