How To Make The Most of Google For Nonprofits

KindfulJune 17, 2021

Google for nonprofits

On average, there are over 70,000 Google searches conducted every minute, which averages out to be approximately 5.5 billion total searches per day! Multiply this out and you’re looking at over one trillion Google searches every single year—and this number will keep growing.

Statistics like this make it clear that it’s in the best interest of every nonprofit to explore all of the ways that using Google for Nonprofits can benefit your organization.

What exactly is Google for Nonprofits?

Available in over 65 countries around the world, Google for Nonprofits is an all-encompassing network of products and solutions that assist nonprofits with marketing, reaching out to potential donors, connecting with established donors, and finding grant programs targeted at nonprofit organizations. Not only does Google for Nonprofits allow you to get the word out about your business, but it also offers a variety of products to help you manage and stay connected with your teams.

To get started with Google for Nonprofits, be sure to check out the eligibility guidelines and register your organization so Google can start working for your nonprofit. Once eligibility has been granted, you’ll have all of their tools and resources at your disposal.

Why we love Google for Nonprofits

As a member of Google for Nonprofits, you’ll be able to take advantage of numerous tools offered by Google, such as Google Workspace, Google Ads, YouTube for Businesses, Google Earth and Maps, and more.

Many of Google’s services and programs are offered at no cost for nonprofit organizations. As an added bonus, a registered nonprofit status entitles your organization to discounts on most of Google’s paid products!

With Google Workspace, your team can organize and work like a well-oiled machine whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or out connecting with community members. Within the platform, your organization can choose from several Workspace plans, depending on the size and scope of your nonprofit. Google Workspace can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection or via smartphones, thanks to apps available in Google Play.

Google Workplace

Here are some of the features Google Workspace has to offer:

  • Gmail. Gmail is a safe and secure email service your employees and volunteers can use to communicate important information with one another and with other members of your organization. With Gmail, you can set up email accounts with email addresses at your company’s domain so that your communications look professional and authentic; it also lessens the likelihood that important email communications will end up in the recipient’s Spam folder.
  • Google Calendar. Google Calendar allows your employees and volunteers to keep track of special events, meetings, fundraisers, donor campaigns, work and volunteer schedules, and other important dates in a digital calendar that can be accessed by anyone who you provide with permissions. With Google Calendar, you can set up public calendars that are viewable to anyone or internal calendars that can be viewed by employees, teams, volunteers, and anyone else you would like to share with.
  • Google Meet. Google Meet works like Zoom or Skype, allowing you to host virtual presentations and meetings with invited guests. Google Meet allows for up to 100 participants for a live stream event and provides the capability for you to share your computer screen and videos with attendees. Set up your virtual meeting and then send an invite code to attendees of your choice. These meetings and presentations can be recorded, allowing you to share the information for future reference or to those who were not able to attend your live event.
  • Google Forms. With Google Forms, you can share forms, quizzes, and surveys with those who you have granted permission to view and make changes to the documents. Google Forms allows you to share information and get answers to questions fast. Forms and other documents can be stored in the Google cloud so employees and volunteers can access them from computers and smartphones.
  • Google Sites. Much like with SharePoint, Google Sites allows your nonprofit to set up and manage a website that is shared via the internet or your internal intranet. With Google Sites, you have the ability to share an internal website with employees, volunteers, your board of directors, or any other group that needs to access information and forms related to your organization. With a Google Sites intranet page, you can send out communications and self-service benefits information to employees or volunteers that they can access at any time, anywhere in the world. Google Sites also allows for multiple web pages to be set up so you have control over who sees specific information related to your nonprofit.

Google Business

To help more people find your nonprofit, be sure to register for a Google Business account. A Google Business account is free and gives Google the ability to advertise your nonprofit when people complete Google searches for nonprofit organizations in the area or “nearby.” With Google Business, Google will post your nonprofit’s contact information on the search results page as well as pinpoint it on Google Maps and Google Earth, allowing more potential donors and clients to easily find your organization. Once your nonprofit is registered, be sure to update your profile page with your nonprofit’s story and other information you would like the public to know when they find your business in the Google search results.

Google Ad Grants

Advertise your nonprofit at no cost with Google Ad Grants. As part of this exciting program, Google gives nonprofit organizations up to $10,000 in advertising so that you’re able to reach more potential donors.

When people conduct Google searches for nonprofits and nonprofit-related information in their region, your ad will pop up, offering the ability for your website to get thousands of extra views per month—and potentially more donations!

In order to qualify, Google will verify that your business is a listed 501(c)(3) organization, and then you will be all set to partner with Google for your advertising needs.

YouTube Nonprofit Program

As a member of YouTube for Nonprofits, you’ll have access to technical support and will also be able to post your YouTube videos to your organization’s website.

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