How Images Make Your Fundraising Campaign Standout

KindfulApril 07, 2016

How Images Make Your Fundraising Campaign Standout header image

If your nonprofit is looking for a way to take online fundraising to the next level, better images may be the answer. At Kindful, we find new ways to help nonprofits use data integration to better tell their stories. But we also understand that many corners of the internet are becoming increasingly image driven. Just look at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even in more text-based corners of the web, successful content is almost always paired with great images. Here are some reasons why the strategic use of imagery or branding is so important to your nonprofit fundraising strategy.

Images Cut Through the Fray.

You can be sure that every single donor consumes a lot of content every day. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have turned news and content into an endless stream of information that fills up every moment of our lives (if we let it!). If your content doesn’t grab attention immediately, it’s likely to be passed by. A striking image catches the eye, giving you a few extra beats to engage your audience and make your mission clear.

Images Increase Engagement.

Did you know that images and graphics yield 94% more views than text-based content alone? People can process images faster than writing, and our eyes help us make decisions without even making verbal considerations. This means that images will engage your followers and bring in new ones much better than written content alone. Writing educates and informs, but without a striking image to hook a reader, it may never be read at all!

Images Act as Marketing.

Successful nonprofits give careful thought to their images. A strong logo can be recognizable to millions, and visual content like infographics go viral everyday. At Kindful, we like to emphasize how data can be used to tell your organization’s story. But how that story is told is up to you. Creative images pay big dividends. When planning your next fundraising campaign, pay as much attention to the images you use as the content. It will pay off!

Images Quickly Engage Emotions.

One of the best ingredients in the recipe for online fundraising success is emotional engagement. Many of the best nonprofit blogs use this strategy and it shouldn’t be hard for nonprofits who are already passionate about their cause. Think about what makes you so excited and fired-up about your organization — chances are, it will fire up new and potential donors as well!

Images Prolong Engagement.

Compelling visuals cause people to stay on your page or site longer, giving you more time to pull them deeper into your cause. Images are the conversation starter that makes people want to know more. A strong image has a way of giving your nonprofit credibility, especially in the eyes of people who aren’t very familiar with your work.

The internet is an endless stream of content. For nonprofits trying to stand out, quality images make content pay off much more. Whether used to educate, amuse, or engage the emotions, quality images are one of the best ways to make your nonprofit’s web presence much more dynamic and effective.

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