Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith is a leading new donor acquisition strategist with over 20 years of agency experience. She has worked on behalf of some of the largest nonprofits in the country and improved acquisition results for every client that she has taken on. As a co-founder of The Nonprofit Consulting Shop, Jackie gets to help nonprofits of all sizes with their acquisition plans and donor communications—and she can’t wait to connect with you!

Jackie’s Articles

Acquisition Results

Insights 11/22/21

Actionable Insights Hidden In Your Acquisition Results

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Year-End Appeal

Fundraising 11/17/21

How To Make Your Year-End Appeal Stand Out So You Bring In More Donations

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Acquisition Goal Setting

Insights 10/28/21

How To Make Acquisition Goal Setting A Breeze

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New Donor Acquisition

Fundraising 09/16/21

How To Make Sure Your New Donor Acquisition Investment Pays Off

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ideal prospective donor

Donor Management 08/19/21

Identifying Your Ideal Prospective Donor

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fundraising writer

Communication 07/22/21

4 Things Your Fundraising Writer Needs From You In Order To Produce Effective Fundraising Appeals

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acquisition audience

Communication 06/24/21

3 Questions To Ask If You Think Your Acquisition Audience Is Burned Out

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